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Current version (Release date)
0.75 (2006-07-15)

Two types of targeting: Pattern-Matching Targeting (PMT) and Linear-Circular Targeting (LCT).
A few types of movement.

Type of fight
One-on-one only

Download link

Bot uses Pattern-Matching Targeting (PMT) and Linear-Circular Targeting (LCT).
But bot not uses Virtual Gun array (VG) for the time present...

Bot uses a few types of movement: 3 main and 2 additional.
The first main strategy is Stop'n'Go, which dodges bullets of HOT, LT and CT guns.
The second is a sort of Random Movement (RM), that I named Random Time Movement (RTM).
And the third is Random Movement (RM) as is.
Also bot uses Ram Movement (Ram), when opponent is weak and a SemiRam? Movement (SemiRam?) from time to time.

What to do
Introduce Virtual Gun array and improve many different things.

 Date  Ranking  Bot  Version  Codesize  Rating  # battles 
 Category - General (any codesize)
 2006-07-22  67 of 427  demetrix.ForceMajeure  0.75  5986  1791.59  1234 
 2006-07-11  122 of 426  demetrix.ForceMajeure  0.7  5371  1714.06  1207 
 2006-06-24  132 of 423  demetrix.ForceMajeure  0.695  4633  1695.7  1285 
 2006-03-26  144 of 419  demetrix.ForceMajeure  0.69  4540  1674.76  1037 
 2006-01-27  147 of 408  demetrix.ForceMajeure  0.68  4176  1662.07  1598 
 2005-11-8  172 of 390  demetrix.ForceMajeure  0.64  3472  1623.54  1444 

ForceMajeure chat starts here -- DemetriX

At last, ForceMajeure is breaking through the 1700 barrier -- DemetriX

Congrats! -- Voidious

Congratulations! The first horde has been beaten, now the rest. So now I must start to fear for my position ;-) You can use the WaveSurfingChallenge2K6 if you want to test your yet to develop StopAndGo movement. -- GrubbmGait

Thanks for congrats! By the way, I want to tell in confidence that Stop'n'Go has been developed recently. So now you may start to fear for your position ;-) -- DemetriX

You are definitely doing something right now, you loose a bit against the good bots and gain a lot against the simple targeters, see the comparison between version 0.75 and 0.7: [|at this spot] -- GrubbmGait

It's really good news for me. I didn't think that so simple movement like Stop'n'Go mays increase rating so much. I'm very glad! -- DemetriX

Hurrah! ForceMajeure is entering the first 100! -- DemetriX

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