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Most Competetive Robocoder Ever Competion

Winner before it even started is David Alves. There's simple no way you can compete with him in this so don't bother with it. =) -- PEZ

Does this mean we can expect him to start working on Phoenix again when I knock it out of the top 10? =) -- Voidious

No. It means you'll need to start working on Dookious again when I knock you out of the #1 spot. ;-) --David Alves

I see David is back - maybe it's time I started up again - I'm fairly competitive :-) -- Paul Evans of SandboxDT fame for those that don't know me :-)

Oooh ooh, Yes! Please do! That would be motivation enough for me to get back to work aswell. I'm extemely competitive when i'm not being laazy. --Chase-san

That would be awesome! =) -- Voidious

Someone with a bot that had such an impact on Robocode as SandboxDT had, should be 'Member of Honour' of The2000Club. But as we don't give it away, you have to earn it yourself. So please dust off your copy of Robocode and start crunching us. (DT still beats all my bots) -- GrubbmGait

Paul - the robocode legend :) I don't know how many battles I have fought against DT, he not only beats my bots, he even beats them consistently! With some luck I can win a match vs. Shadow but there is no chance vs. DT --Krabb

Even Dookious the reigning king can bearly beat DT, I mean, if you came back its gonna mean some long hard nights for the rest of us to try and keep up. I personally am all for that. --Chase-san

I think the idea of anyone on the wiki not knowing who Paul Evans is is almost laughable =), but I guess it's possible. It would be really great to see you involved again. And yes, DT is still a bad mother head to head vs top bots. -- Voidious

Ooohh - such a nice comment - In the years away I have forgot how nice you robocoders are. I've had a look at the league tables and it looks like DT needs to improve by approx 5% to match the best of the best (looses 45-55) - but I remember how difficult it is to get 1% extra so I need to give it serious thought - I may even start from scratch. I would of course have to improve massively against the weak bots to get the rating high, but I could leave that for another project. BTW over lots of rounds which bot does best against DT on average? -- Paul Evans

Ohh, does this mean your coming back??! Oh, and Shadow probably beats DT over many rounds. --Chase-san

It's tought to say for sure, but my bet would be on Shadow. I know that Dookious and Phoenix hang tough with Shadow over 35 rounds, but Shadow still consistently crushes Dookious about 4:3 over 500 rounds. -- Voidious

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