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How to run the Targeting Challenge:

1) Obtain all the TC bots outlined in /ReferenceBots.

2) Modify the bot you're going to run through the challenge so it complies to the rules of a Challenger on the TargetingChallenge page.

3) For DT 1.91 and Tron 2.01 you'll need to set their properties files to 'challenge' mode. These files are in their data directories under the .robotcache directory.

4) Run 500 rounds against each of the TC bots with your modified gun-only bot, making note of bullet damage scores. Roboleague is highly recommended as it saves alot of work (plus you can post it's html output for reference).

5) To determine the index against each bot, use: (your bullet damage / 50,000) * 100. Average these values for your overall.

6) (optional) Post as per existing posting format in /Results.

Please note:

Thanks to Kuuran for writing these instructions.

When using RoboLeague. Use it's "division" feature and set your challenger bot as the selected opponent. This will make roboleague run all reference bots against your challanger. It makes for a tidier output and also runs much faster than if it would run all possible pairings. -- PEZ

umm..are you suppoced to make the non dt/tron bots not fire also?--andrew

Yes you are. DL the TargettingChallenge? zip file, it comes with all the bots. It's around here somewhere. Then run the TC version of the bot. -- Alcatraz

You can experience problems with Tron in that package. ABC posted a download link for a true TC version for me when I had that problem. We probably should replace it in the TC-zip.... -- PEZ

Rules clarification: The rules say you aren't allowed to fire bullets with powers besides 3. However you may end up with 1 or 2 energy at the end of the round. For example, if you never hit, you'll fire 33 full power shots and have 1 energy remaining. Are bots expected to fire this final low-power shot or just wait for the round to end? --David Alves

Yes? We maybe should say that you will always fire Math.min(3, getEnergy()). -- Kawigi

Yes (at least mine do), if you allways fire(3) it'll fire those low power shots at the end and get disabled. -- ABC

I thought the rules where clear on this issue. But since they were not I have tried modifying the text some, based on ABC's remark. Is it better now? -- PEZ

"I have tried modifying the text some"... I think you forgot to modify the text, PEZ, the wiki isn't showing any differences. :-p --David Alves

Well, I modified the rules (on the TargetingChallenge) page. And now I have modified the text on this page too to remove the redundancy. -- PEZ

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