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For some funny reason, Robocode runs much slower with WindowsXP. I get around 30 FPS on an AMD Duron 1GHz when I boot in WindowsXP, but if I boot in Windows'98 on the same machine, I get up to 80 FPS. Does anyone have an idea on why this is? -- Dummy

Do you have different JVMs installed in each case? -- Shrubbery

In the case of windows '98, I have Java2SE RE 1.4.2 installed. Under windowsXP, I have tried 1.4.2 and 5.0, same results with both versions. Maybe it's my videocard drivers, since the slow speed only occurs with the battlefield un-minimized, but I tried different versions of videocard-drivers as well. (my videocard is a NVidia GeForce2MX400?). -- Dummy

Any difference in (setup of) virusscanner? -- GrubbmGait

No active virusshields running in the background, no firewalls either. :-p -- Dummy

What is it limited to in the preferences/options of robocode (se menu)? -- Pulsar

10000 FPS -- Dummy

There is a reason to this: WinXP is more "flashy" (looks better, special effects which you do not notice) and requires more memory than Win98. Try changing to classic mode and cancelling all the special effects like menu/traybar sliding, window shadows, etc. --nfwu

Nay, clicking through all those friendly automagic configurator clippies takes ages and is limited in results. Beter just go to service manager (or whatever it's called in original) and get rid of everything that seems irrelevant. I found there things like printer spooler daemon on computer without any means of printing. Those sliders, shadows and so on are also a service that can be easily killed. --lRem

I've only run Robocode on XP and I usually run it at 45 FPS if I want to observe patterns, but I'll kick it up to about 75 fps if I am just watching the carnage. At max fps it peaks somewhere around 120 fps in a 10 way melee including 8 of Loki's bots (my control group). This is with about a 2.6GHz P3. I've actually got a P4 now with dual 3.0GHz cpu's, and I run the Roborumble on one cpu and the Meleerumble on the other cpu (since it locks up if you don't force it to use only one cpu a la /HyperThreading). I've also got 2GB of RAM .. but I haven't run a single battle on it in regular viewing mode yet so I cannot attest to it's performance. I also have a '98 machine but have not tested it on that either, though it seems to run the Roborumble more slowly. -- Martin Alan Pedersen

You do know that by minimizing the robocode window you will get even higher FPS (well FPS migth not be the right term then)? -- Pulsar

Yes, but I enjoy watching Ugluk lay low his enemies.
I tried using Kawigi's newrobocode.jar (mod of 1.0.6) and it caused Ugluk to timeout nearly every fight, after a varying number of ticks. I tried tracking down the issue with no success, so I went back to 1.0.7 with cpu affinity. -- Martin Alan Pedersen

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