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kawigi's Coriantumr with DuelistMiniMelee's gun. A test to see how much of Coriantumr's success is due to movement and how much is due to aim. Doesn't violate the KawigiPublicLicense because it's worse than Coriantumr. ;-)

The radar, aiming, and bullet power selection code are from DuelistMiniMelee. Movement is from Coriantumr.

Source included.

--David Alves

The results are in!

9 kawigi.mini.Coriantumr 1.0 1656.81 5869 20-2-2004:6:37
10 wiki.CoriantumrWithDMMGun 1.02 1653.88 126 20-2-2004:7:58

You paying attention folks? All those virtual bullets and segmentation and whatnot only raise its score by *3 points*. In other words, it's all in the movement. Congrats to kawigi on a very strong melee movement! --David Alves

Were did you get there ratings from? In the RR@H Coriantumr has 1768 ???? Anyway, I can't agree: Aspid, MicroAspid, ScruchiPu, AspidReloaded, LauLectrik and TheBrainPi share the same movement (I just copy-paste from one to the other because I don't like to develop movements). But the is a difference of more than 50 points between them. -- Albert

This is melee. --David Alves

To qualify this, in order to survive well in melee, it also matters if you can hit stuff that's close to you. DMM's random lead stuff is good enough at that to be better than Shiz (at least so far, and I suspect it will remain like that mostly) in that respect, even though it might not be as good in one-on-one as regular head-on targeting (against a lot of bots, anyways). -- Kawigi

Gap is 10 points now, still quite small. --David Alves

9 kawigi.mini.Coriantumr 1.0 1651.29 6301 20-2-2004:20:35
10 rz.HawkOnFire 0.1 1651.09 16763 20-2-2004:21:32
11 kvk.HebusLeTroll 0.3 1650.24 5488 20-2-2004:20:9
12 davidalves.net.DuelistMiniMelee 1.2 1646.31 14570 20-2-2004:21:22
13 tzu.TheArtOfWar 1.2 1644.92 14223 20-2-2004:21:33
14 wiki.CoriantumrWithDMMGun 1.02 1641.22 1098 20-2-2004:21:22

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