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GrubbmTwo is a tryout-bot with the focus on oscillator-movement. Also some alternative targeting-methods will be used.
The results will be embedded into the Megabot GrubbmGrb.

Great, I want to try it. Where can I download it?

mini.GrubbmTwo: http://www.robocoderepository.com/BotDetail.jsp?id=2419

How competitive is it?

Not really important, although the best version is expected to rise above a rating of 1600.

How does it move?

Oscillator movement.

How does it fire?

Version dependent, mostly HOT, angular gun as last.

How does it dodge bullets?


How does the melee strategy differ from one-on-one strategy?

In one-on-one no regular radar-sweep, just locking.

How does it select a target to attack/avoid in melee?

It avoids nothing, it selects the target on distance, gunangle and health.

What does it save between rounds and matches?


Where did you get the name?

Taken from my nickname, it means something like 'dry ditch near a farm'.

Can I use your code?

It's included in the jar.

What's next for your robot?

It's a tryout-bot.
A lot of movement changes. Some different (simple) guns.

What other robot(s) is it based on?

Default framework of GrubbmOne, except for movement and gun.


200501xx: v 0.9 -- End of Development. A simple angular gun and melee-ready.
Rank Mega:177 -- Rating:1593 -- PL:166 Rank MegaMelee?: 56 -- Rating:1614
Rank Mini:72 -- Rating:1644 -- PL:70 Rank MiniMelee?: 24 -- Rating:1660
Comment: Reasonable (but less than expected) melee-performance.

20050121: v 0.8.7 -- Improved moving-distance depends on enemydistance.
Rank Mega:244 -- Rating:1498 -- PL:239
Rank Mini:114 -- Rating:1550 -- PL:115
Comment: My initial move is still the best :-(

20050118: v 0.8.6 -- v 0.5 plus: Let moving-distance per oscillator-tick depend on enemy-distance.
Rank Mega:235 -- Rating:1517 -- PL:245
Rank Mini:119 -- Rating:1536 -- PL:132
Comment: This is not a better movement, more vulnerable for HOT-targeting.

20050114: v 0.8.5 -- Do the Musashi-trick movement on full speed continuously.
Rank Mega:285 -- Rating:1385 -- PL:-
Rank Mini:132 -- Rating:1482 -- PL:-
Comment: Seems slightly worse.

20050112: v 0.8.4 -- Do the Musashi-trick movement with stop-and-go.
Rank Mega:278 -- Rating:1411 -- PL:-
Rank Mini:122 -- Rating:1505 -- PL:-
Comment: I just wanted the list with bots who suffer from the Musashi-trick.

20050108: v 0.8.3 -- Take v 0.5 and implement some dive-in (and dive-out) protection.
Rank Mega:212 -- Rating:1544 -- PL:202
Rank Mini:108 -- Rating:1568 -- PL:102
Comment: Only small improvement (4-5 points), here some wins, there a loss, maybe only fit for Musashi-trick.

20041219: v 0.8.2 -- Take v 0.5 and use gun-adaption from m3thos.Eve00 1.1.
Rank Mega:203 -- Rating:1547 -- PL:196
Rank Mini:? -- Rating:1565 -- PL:-
Comment: only more successfull against a few specific opponents.

20041218: v 0.8.1 -- Take v 0.5 and use gun-adaption from iiley's Smog 2.5.
Rank Mega:171 -- Rating:1600 -- PL:159
Rank Mini:71 -- Rating:1630 -- PL:-
Comment: A promising secondary gun if I can convert iiley's idea into my own code.

20041120 - 20041127: v 0.6 - v 0.7.4 -- Some unsuccessfull oscillator frequency tryouts.

20041119: v 0.5 -- Movement less perpendicular.
Rank Mega:209 -- Rating:1548 -- PL:200
Rank Mini: 99 -- Rating:1546 -- PL:100
Comment: Staying perpendicular continuously is not always the best choice.

20041117: v 0.4 -- Replaced single oscillator by double oscillator.
Rank Mega:238 -- Rating:1512 -- PL:236
Rank Mini:110 -- Rating:1506 -- PL:118
Comment: My first bot ever with a better rumble-ranking than a PL-ranking.

20041115: v 0.3 -- Improved corner-avoidance and wall-avoidance.
Rank Mega:257 -- Rating:1467 -- PL:236
Rank Mini:118 -- Rating:1474 -- PL:103
Comment: Getting killed while stuck in corners or getting killed while on the move does not really matter. :-(

20041111: v 0.2 -- Improved wall-avoidance.
Rank Mega:259 -- Rating:1462 -- PL:233
Rank Mini:117 -- Rating:1475 -- PL: 98
Comment: Better wall-avoidance is also more predictable it seems.

20041028: v 0.1 -- Initial version, simple oscillator and HOT-gun.
Rank Mega:244 -- Rating:1486 -- PL:223
Rank Mini:112 -- Rating:1498 -- PL: 92
Comment: Not that bad for a first version.

Comments, questions, feedback:

The movement of v0.5 is incorporated in GrubbmGrb v0.8.5, with as result that its ranking goes up approx. 120 points! Still some fiddling with frequencies will be done though. --GrubbmGait

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