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I own a 1.25 GHz G4 PowerBook running MacOSX.

I'm not doing much with Robocode or this wiki at the moment, so feel free to e-mail me.

Reversed e-mail: moc.liamg@21nahtanoj

Welcome! I just love MacOSX! My PowerBook is a bit dated though so Robocode runs so much faster on my PC. Anyway, with the latest releases of Java for OSX at least many of the problems I used to have are gone. -- PEZ

Yep, OS X is better than anything else in the world! And with RobocodeGLV014 (which runs better than ever with the latest Java update) Robocode runs at totally insane speeds NON-MINIMIZED. Fun to watch. I btw misunderstood the email notification checkbox and checked it while not really useful... The good part is that I now know what it does, and what such mails look like. :) -- Jonathan

Hee, ik wist niet dat je nederlands was! Fijn dat er naast Loki en mijzelf weer eens een medelander actief is. Heb je al plannen voor een killer bot? --Vic

You're not the first to misunderstand that email notification checkbox. I also at first thought it was something useful. =) -- PEZ

I suppose it's to make sure everyone notices when significant developments occur. Of course, everyone who cares will be watching the Changes list, anyways. -- Kawigi

I'm getting some interest in Robocode again... maybe I'll finally write a somewhat competitive robot, maybe not. Time will tell. -- Jonathan

Self-observation: perfectionism seems to hold me back. Knowing that I will never reach perfection is quite discouraging. Maybe I should try to get over it. :-) -- Jonathan

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