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If the bot is cool as the logo, it will be awesome for sure :-) When do you expect to release it? -- Albert

Way cool logo! Scary almost. Paul Evans should be shaking I guess? -- PEZ

I'm scared of the logo - no comment on the bot (it wouldn't do to be cocky, Duelist beat me once) -- Paul Evans

Making logos is more fun than making bots. :-D It should be out in a week or two. -- David Alves

Making bots is much easier than making logos. Do you feel like making a logo for the wiki? The current one isn't too original. -- PEZ

I'd be happy to make one for the wiki - what did you have in mind? "RoboWiki" doesn't really spark any ideas in my mind... As for making bots being easier than making logos, I'm not so sure about that. I spent about an hour on that logo, whereas Duelist took me 2 months. :-P -- David Alves

I don't know what kind of logo it should be. Maybe something like the current one, but more original. Maybe the base could be a shrinked down version of DuelistMicroGL? in battle with virtual bullets, radar beams and stuff. Or maybe since the Wiki is very webbish you could make some spidery robots fighting on a web? The "RoboWiki" word would be nice to have on the logo as well (and a version with the URL that could be used on other sites linking here.). I think you could make the logo wider than the current one. Anyone else have an idea on what the logo should look like? -- PEZ

I could have spent the five months I have been robocoding entirely on trying to make a logo for anything and I would have failed. In the same time I have produced about six robots of varying degrees of success so I would defenitaly say that for me making robots is much easier than making logos. =) -- PEZ

In the time it took me to develop SpareParts, I probably could have just about written a program to produce that graphic, and SpareParts isn't even that good :-p. Of course, SillyBot took me a day and is higher-ranked.

I've yet to see a program that produces convincing fire effects without a lot of tweaking by the user. 3ds max's "fire effect" is useless. Maya's fire is better but still not convincing, and you can't shape it as you please. Afterburn is flexible and powerful but requires days of tweaking parameters to get the desired effect. If you're so sure you could make convincing fire, perhaps you should write a program to do it - I'm sure there would be a lot of commercial interest in such a program. :-P -- David Alves

LoL?, I meant in general, of course. I said that partly because in about the time it took to write SpareParts, I wrote my first raster-level graphics package with my own polygon scan-fill implementation, bresenham line algorithm, constant, gouraud, and phong shading, file I/O, generation of geometric shapes as simple as a cube and as complex as a helix or superellipsoid, and custom 3-D graftal generation and iterated fractals. And throw in a few custom widgets here and there... I suppose there are even fractal methods for drawing fire if I research/think hard enough... (lol) Maybe I'll even give it a shot. A friend of mine stumbled upon a reasonable way to do an 'animated fire' effect, but it wasn't quite the type of effect on your graphic. -- Kawigi

A friend of mine was once on of the major actors on the Amiga demo scene. Just to show me what it was about he wrote a rotating cube with it's frame on fire while I was watching. Pretty cool. In motion it was pretty convincing, but I guess as a still image it wouldn't. -- PEZ

Actually, what you have there isn't very convincing as far as realistic fire. It mostly just looks like a radial blur of a gaussian fog render over a specific range of colors. I bet I could make something approximating that effect in OpenGL without too much trouble. -- nano

Gee thanks. :-p It's not supposed to be fire, it's supposed to be a phoenix, and a stylized one at that. And no, it's not gaussian fog, it's a mesh (~20000 polygons) with an opacity falloff based on the viewing angle. You're right about the radial blur though. -- David Alves

Nano is just our resident optimist, isn't he ;) -- Kuuran

As always. :) That mesh looks complicated. Did you model it yourself? Modeling is something I was never very good at. -- nano

All my graphics are 100% original. I made the model, textured it, and composited the final image. -- David Alves

On hold for a little while, I have a new girlfriend and she's more fun than programming. :-D -- David Alves

That must be some girlfriend! =) -- PEZ

I've yet to meet the female more enjoyable than programming. Female programmers occasionally come close. -- Kuuran

Ok, so i'm guessing i'm not the only what who gets the "Are you playing that stupid robot game again..." speech everytime my girlfriend comes round?? -- Brainfade

Not the only one :-) BTW I managed to keep it under control by allowing her to name my bots (that way, she wants them to have a good score...) -- Albert

Interesting. My daughter is nagging about a little sister and she already has a name for her, Princess. =) -- PEZ

Cute, PEZ. :) I tend to get 'are you wasting away on the computer again?' speechs. ;) Albert, you've now clarified where the name ScruchiPu came from, but I'm all the more confused about Aspid and LauLectrik :p -- Kuuran

I've just had to dramatically decrease the amount of time I spend on Robocode. I wish I could spend more time on it, but I also want to keep my girlfriend. ;) -- nano

I get it from three directions, my wife and both of my daughters. My oldest (9 years old, the K in jekl) is quite fond of running to Mommy and saying "Mom, dad is robocoding again". I cringe every time I hear it. It's a good life though. I would not change it for the world. =^> -- jim

My wife actually wrote a robot for the entry-level programming class she took last semester (the one mentioned in the PassiveKillChallenge). -- Kawigi

Well... Aspid is mine (is just asp, the deadly snake, in spanish), and LauLectrik is from her -- Albert

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