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A 3D rendering engine for Robocode. By Bienator. Download it here: http://robowiki.net/robocode/uploads/bienator/robocode3D.zip

Some screenshots

the terrain texture is a wallpaper (1600 x 1200) www.space-graphics.com

every explosion has 400 particles and one lightsource

seek and destroy ;)

It runs faster as expected. I have a PII 266 320MB RAM FireGL? 1 (8MB) and I get 15 - 30 fps, textures and lights enabled. With Robocode (original) I get 30 - 44 fps (in both cases sample bots).


  the most securety methods of robocode are now comments, the reason for it was that Java3D needs a lot of threads which
  are started and stopped at runtime, and Robocode doesn' t want this.


-- Bienator

newest version: 0.2_4

Robocode 3D/Install Instruction And Download

Yikes! Can I have it for testing? My PowerBook might like this better since it obviously hates Java2D rendering. -- PEZ

Yes, but let me a little bit time, I have to make it installable, the engine runs now just with eclipse. -- Bienator
now you can download it, not real installable but it should work ;) -- Bienator
Complaining about lack of javax.vecmath. This is interesting, because I'm using 1.4.1b21... It /should/ be in this version... -- Kuuran
You might need to get some Enterprise Edition stuff - did you get the whole J3D thing working? (That may even require a restart, I don't remember, but I think it patches your whole JVM). -- Kawigi
Of course, I'm so dense at times, I even looked up the missing class and should've seen it was part of the 3D API, but didn't. I don't have the 3D API installed ;p Thanks :) Umm... how do you colour the bots like in the screenshots? Or is that still dev? -- Kuuran
Does anyone know what "Error 34: Incompatible version of the RPC stub" means? This error has been pissing me off like you have no idea. It shows up when I try to use the Find dialog in IE (which is stupid!), and now it also stops the Java3D SDK installation. I did a search and neither Google nor TechNet? had heard of this error. I've got about 3 days to find this error; if it's not found by thursday I'm formatting my computer, because thursday I finish school, so I'll have plenty of time to format my computer should the slightest of errors arise. :-) So it better not crash again, or it's formatting time, baby... -- Vuen
The bots have no color and no texture. The colored bots what you can see are defined only by the lights which are reflected from the material.In the screens are the colored lights the spots of the robots. does it work? fps? is it smooth? -- Bienator
It's smooth and works at about 60/30 (game/renderer) with every single thing turned on and sample bots. Turning off light reflection alone adds about 15 to those. Turning off all the features puts them easily into the 200s. This is using the DirectX? version of Java3D on a WinXP (therefore runs java slow as hell) AthlonXP? 1900+ with a Radeon 8500 video card. These numbers vary slightly, I'm assuming it's a matter of when the process manager gives a slice to robocode, because at certain times the in-game framerate will jump, in the first instances it's not much, but in the instance of most features turned off (when robocode instead of the 3D renderer might be getting sizeable chunks) it'll speed up every once in awhile to around 2000 then jump back down. Note, these numbers are all with a number of other programs, including SETI@Home, ICQ, MUSHclient, Windows Media Player, etc running in the background. -- Kuuran
Oh, if possible, a chase cam would be cool. -- Kuuran
Thank you Kuuran for the great feedback. I haven't thought that it is possible to render in java with this speed. I have heared that the OpenGL version of Java3D should run up to 30% faster as the DirectX? version. Yes, the fps jumps are a problem. The engine tryes to render fast as possible and robocode tryes to calculate fast as possible the frames (or turns). Robocode doesn't wait until the renderer is ready for the next frame and the renderer doesn't render always if he gets a new frame. Both run asynchron. If you change something, like light reflection, then java3d will not be able to render for the next time "successful frames" and java3d skipped frames like in robocode the robots turns and the framejump is complet. I have forgoten to post some experimental things. Press F1 to see the shortcuts. You should be able to drive a bot and a first person view should also work. excuse me for my bad english -- Bienator
new version available (v. 0.2_4) -- Bienator

Hey hey. Finally got this working; I managed to repair the corrupted dlls in my computer and was finally able to install Java3D, so it works properly now. It looks extremely cool watching robots fight in 3D. Is this still a work in progress or has development stopped on this project? -- Vuen

Hi Vuen. The development isnt realy stopped on this project. But I have not much time for it, because I have to go to shool and in my freetime i write on some realy interesting (non 3D) projects. (Or I write on some realy interesting (non 3D) projects and go to shool in my freetime - dont know ;) -- Bienator

Hey. I am just wondering, how exactly to you extract Robocode.jar? I have been having trouble with this for a while. Any help you guys can give would be great.--Dan

I just use winzip :). You can also just use java with some command line operator; I think it's java -xsf <jar> or something like that, I forget. -- Vuen

Thanks alot! This has been driving me crazy since I started >:[. Now I may be able to do all the RobocodeGLV014 and 3D stuff I wanted to :).--Dan

Un-jar it with the "jar" command. "jar -xf robocode.jar". Though I usually would do "unzip robocode.jar" because of old habit. -- PEZ

Hey, them links is all broken!!! -- Alphax

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