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Welcome to the wiki! Just for your info, Exterminans is not a team and therefor not accepted there. To be a team, you have to create a team (consisting of five Exterminans) and package that into a jar. -- GrubbmGait

Forgot to say "welcome" myself. Seems like you're already off to a good start, entering bots in the RoboRumble and running an RR@Home client. Feel free to post any questions you have, I'd like to think that most of us are pretty helpful. At least until you start whooping on us too much, that is. =) -- Voidious

Yes, yes. Welcome! Sorry for the delay. I guess I've been too wrapped up in trying to beat Voidious and I lost my manners! :) -- Simonton

Hello ALtgLasS, me again. How did you manage to name your team with dashes ("-"), my version of robocode does not allow that. Your team is accepted now, but the roborumble client gives back an exception, probably because of its name. I tried a team with 5 Exterminans, named it ExterminansTeam_0.1 and all went well, fighting battles and so. I must note I still use v1.1.2 as a rumble-client, so maybe newer versions accept its name. Don't let these starting-up problems demotivate you, robocode will hook you once you see results of your efforts. -- GrubbmGait

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