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The sequel to the ChronicleOfTheYear2005: What has happened in the past Robocode year.

The revival of StopAndGo, specifically in the smaller WeightClasses.

Dookious ended the reign of Ascendant.

The development of Robocode continued, thanx to Fnl, and one of the most appealing add-ons are the Graphics.

The RoboWiki survived the most brutal blog-spam attack it has ever seen.

New iterations of the TargetingChallenge and the MovementChallenge finally came about.

DynamicClustering became mainstream =), thanks largely to Corbos' open source bot, Chalk, and ABC publishing an open source version of his own gun in DCBot.

The2100Club opened its doors.

In the beginning of the year there was a lot of rambling in Melee around tenth place, but only one could, barely, enter top-5.

The TwinDuel survivalist competition started.

A neural network bot (Engineer) can once again be found among the top bots.

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