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Team Name


Bot Names

DiamondStealer? when 1vs1 or melee. Alfa, Beta, Gamma, Delta and Epsilon when they are in a team.



What's special about it?

Their movement that consists in dodging laser beams!


Heya Jab! Care to tell us about this team? It's nice to be seeing new teams out there! (though this one is causing my RR client to [lock up] for some reason). -- Rednaxela

Hi! I still have thousands of ideas to improve the performance of this team but I enter them in the rumble in order to see their evolution. About the lock up problem I don't know the reason. My purpose was to create a pluggable structure that extends TeamRobot to ease future development of 1vs1, Melee, TwinDuel and Team bots. May be DiamondStealers main characteristic is their movement that consists in laser beams (gravity lines) created where they think the enemies fired. I have to improve it, and the Radar, and my GF targeting, and the energy saving... but I am proud of this beta version results as they are ProblemBots of the Undefeated Polylunar :P --Jab?

Hmm, it certainly looks like DiamonStealer? has been training against Polylunar specifically. My 'moon' series seems to be gaining a track record for having a big bullseye on it's head :-) -- Rednaxela

The Diamond was stealed! ;) In version 4 I only changed the radar from spinning radars to a wide lock assignation when equal or less number of enemies, I tested it against Polylunar and I get impressed by the results. You are not going to have problems beating this team (specifically :P) in your next version. --Jab?

Thief! ;-) I think I'll need to work on taking that back. Amusing logo :-) -- Rednaxela

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