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Undefeated? It's when no other bot in the same league beats you, for instance when you have a PremierLeague score with 0 losses :-)

In RoboRumble these days, having 0 losses is not common because the number of strong bots makes it unlikely you'll beat all of them. Also, being "Undefeated" does not make you "TheBestBot" necessarily ;-)

Current Undefeated bots

Bots that are currently undefeated in their league:

Historic Undefeated bots

Bots that were once defeated by nobody in their league: (chronological order)

Nice page. =) Might be cool to make this a table with links to screenshots. Also, I think WeeksOnEnd was once undefeated in MiniBots, and Komarious might've been, too, but I can't remember for sure. -- Voidious

Adding MarioBros and GeminiTeam for TwinDuel, as I know they each had a period of being unbeatable. Both LuminariousDuo and LunarTwins might've had similar stretches, but I need to look into it and see if they were really "undefeated" during those stretches. -- Voidious

I know LunarTwins was undefeated for a short moment in TwinDuel, but with how quickly Kev countered that with upgrades to GeminiTeam I'm not sure if it really qualifies. A table with links to screenshots would probably be a good format for this, though I don't have enough screenshots to be worth converting it right now. If some other people have screenshots of things like Duelist and Phoenix being undefeated though, indeed that would be good. Adding SandboxDT due to seeing PEZ state DT as undefeated in the PL (see Raiko's Page) :-) -- Rednaxela

lol, GruwelTwins was undefeated in the first week of TwinDuel. Is that enough to qualify for this list? (and the answer is NO) -- GrubbmGait

I know one of the obsession series bots was undefeated for a while, but I'm not sure which one(s?). -- Simonton

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