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From the Robocode API:

Note: The game assists Robots in firing, as follows: If the gun and radar are aligned (and were aligned last turn), and the event is current, and you call fire() before taking any other actions, fire() will fire directly at the robot. In essence, this means that if you can see a robot, and it doesn't move, then fire will hit it. AdvancedRobots? will NOT be assisted in this manner, and are expected to examine the event to determine if fire() would hit. (i.e. you are spinning your gun around, but by the time you get the event, your gun is 5 degrees past the robot)

Firing assistance is currently buggy - it works for both AdvancedRobots? and Robots, whereas it's supposed to only work for Robots

--David Alves

Is the above still valid? --Pfvicm

In Robocode 1.0.6 it is still valid, in version 1.0.7 it is fixed. Only Robots have FiringAssistance it that version. -- GrubbmGait

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