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Hi everyone,

THis is just to let you all know, if you didnt already, that robocode now has an IRC channel. You can get some great info in IRC in general and also download a windows IRC client at www.mirc.org (you linux users just use X-Chat or Bitch-X or whatever floats your boat; you Mac users..... I have no idea, sorry)

the shorthand version of where we are on IRC is: irc.galaxynet.org:6662 #robocode

If you dont undertand that (its ok, it is very cryptic): Server: irc.galaxynet.org Port:6662 Channel #robocode

The more people we have show up on the channel the better we will be, we still need people to support that channel and eventually become a recognized irc channel. Wouldnt that be awesome? so everyone join ok? its lonley there :P --Dan724

Update at '2004-21-01': I have visited the above IRC channel and it seems very empty. Searching www.xgoogle.com for Robocode does not give any results. So if anyone reading these pages has a hint to any #Robocode channel, or wants to start one, write here. I plan to make one some time in Febuary 2004. -- Simon Shine

I think IRC is a wonderful tool for collaboration. So, yes, i want a channel!. This is a bump. :) -- Qetu

Update at '2004-05-10': I just logged in. I'd be very interested in people actually existing here, but unfortunately, I believe we are too few to make this a permanent place. However, I will be sure to log in from time to time. --Goofy

Update at '2008-02-18': Server seems dead, I'm currently idling in #robocode on both EFNet and IRCnet. --Chiller

Also idling in IRCnet -- Baal

I for one an wondering what purpose IRC would serve. I can't really contribute to a complex topic like robocoding in a chat environment. The only people benefitting or able to correct me are those sitting in chat. Editing a previous statement is clumsy. Once the conversation is done, there is no picking up the conversation again later without a lot of rework. The wiki as an open topical forum seems far superior, to me. -- Martin

Very good points Martin! --Baal

If there was a sufficiently active IRC channel for Robocode, I would probably hang out there. Through given the nature of the robocode community I would have to agree with Martin that the wiki works better. -- Rednaxela

I really wouldn't mind live chat about robocode myself. Dispite the above points, it would be fun to discuss non the less. -Chase-san

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