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Currently in alpha.


Sees incoming EnemyWaves and tries WaveSurfing/GoToStyle to avoid them but it doesn't know about walls yet. It also uses the MusashiTrick, kind of, by seeding the bins with a fake hit at GuessFactor 0. I need to iterate future positions with WallSmoothing so the CircularTargetingBot? from WaveSurfingChallenge2K6 doesn't trap me against a wall.


Doesn't fire yet. I might try PatternMatching, or I might reuse my waves in a GuessFactor gun.


In 1v1, points the radar at the opponent's last position. Perfect lock. If I miss a turn in 1v1 (usually due to excessive debug graphics) the radar falls back to the optimal melee radar, which reestablishes the lock.


I plan to leave my debug graphics in so others can enjoy them. Here's a screenshot.


Hey - I like the way you paint waves! Much more beautiful than my graphics. -- Simonton

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