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25 year old computer guy, picking RoboCode back up after a few years of inactivity. I submitted j.SynapticBot? 2+ to the original rumble and while I wasn't ranked prominently, I think I was in the top quarter anyway.

SynapticBot? used AntiGravityMovement with randomly placed attraction points to keep it from getting stuck or holding still. It used a rolling average GuessFactor to pick where to shoot. It would close to ramming distance if its energy was significantly greater than the opponents.

My current bot is Synapse.MagLev. I just got WaveSurfing mostly working - now it needs to avoid the walls. I'll probably use a form of FluidMovement instead of WaveSurfing/GoToStyle like I'm using now. -- Synapse

Hello, welcome back, and I'm glad you're making a space for yourself on the wiki! I, too, recently returned after a long break from Robocode. Best of luck on your bots! -- Simonton

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