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Targeting Algorithm Overview

I've been reviewing my understanding of targeting algorithms and sometimes the best way to make them sink home is to write them out .. so here's me writing (some of) them out in my own way.


Predictive targeting assumes that an opponent's position will change in a consistent fashion every tick until your bullet can hit it, and aims for that point of impact.


Random targeting assumes that shots fired in any direction will hit some of the time out of blind luck.

Bearing Offset / Conditional

Bearing offset targeting looks at the difference between the firing position's bearing to the opponent and the bearing to the opponent when a bullet could have hit it. The results are typically tallied into buckets based on the conditions known at the time of firing (see Segmentation). The premise is that an opponent in a similar situation will most likely be hit by a bullet fired at the angle that has most commonly worked in the past.

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