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A movement philosphy introduced by Paul Evans.

If you have gotten your movement to really work you shouldn't need bounce of the walls. Get your WallSmoothing good and the rest of the movement strategy and impementation right and wall segmenting enemies will find little help hitting you from your near wall behaviour.

Bot's using:


I don't get it. -- Simonton

This is what I do in DrussGT. I think you're doing this already. Basically, NoFearTheWalls means that you don't special case your danger function (by adding danger) when you're wallsmoothing. -- Skilgannon

NoFearTheWalls predates WaveSurfing, I think. It's actually just basically WallSmoothing, as far as I know. Before WallSmoothing, people generally just stopped or reversed instead of hitting a wall (they feared them). -- Voidious

I think the term, as PEZ used it, meant that you don't have a "reverse if wall angle > X" or any other term that makes your bot avoid WallSmoothing too much. RaikoMX did that. I think the term came about after WallSmoothing was invented. --David Alves

Ah, I see. So, is your technique to increase the danger of points closer to the enemy, thereby decreasing the probability "diving in", but not ruling out the option entirely, in case that really will get you to the safest place? -- Simonton

Somewhat. I think the original idea was to have no dive-in protection at all. --David Alves

That sounds silly. -- Simonton

Wouldn't that be NoFearTheOtherBot?, not NoFearTheWalls? -- AaronR

@AaronR, the walls are what would cause you to get too close to the enemy, because you would wallsmooth and that would change your attack angle. -- Skilgannon

What you are really trying to do with special cases in danger functions is avoid limiting your MaxEscapeAngle and/or increasing your relative target size. Getting close to the enemy will cause the latter of these, while changing your attack angle causes the former. With special cases for MEA and relative botwidth, danger functions would theoretically be more effective. In practice, though, FearTheWalls? methods, like special-casing distance or attack angle, frequently get implemented for simplicity. -- AaronR

Yes, and your reverse MEA is also reduced when you draw nearer to the enemy, because the relative time you need to reverse in comparison to the bullet flight time is greater. Any other danger factor you can think of? I'll try to implement such a method. --Krabb

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