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To infinity and beyond! -- Cool quote, so I'll leave it.

Who really wants to see a picture of me?

Robocode contributor

Real Name: Nathaniel Troutman
Location: Bethany, Oklahoma, USA
E-Mail: ntroutman <AT> users.sourceforge.net

I just recently (Aug 28, 2007) started making contributions to Robocode in the form of bug fixes.

Don't forget to put feature requests/bug reports into the tracker at https://sourceforge.net/tracker/?group_id=37202


Feel free to ask questions etc.

Welcome to the RoboWiki, and thank you for the contributions so far! ;-) --Fnl

Oh, yes, sorry, where's my manners?? Welcome!! -- Simonton

Welcome! Good work on the memory fix for the engine. Pardon my ignorance, but would that affect only the Robocode (ie the GUI) or anything that uses the library (like RoboLeague, or RoboResearch)? -- Skilgannon

Welcome from me, too! We always welcome fresh blood--- err, newcomers to the Robocode arena. =) -- Voidious

Welcome to the (hopefully) Robocode addiction! --Starrynte

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