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Bot Name





What do you think?

What's special about it?

FluidMovement, a nano (246)

Great, I want to try it. Where can I download it?


How competitive is it?

We'll see once there's stable rankings

How does it move?

See above

How does it fire?

Infinity-like gun

How does it dodge bullets?

Well, by moving back and forth somewhat randomly while staying perpendicular, I hope it dodges bullets semi-decently.

How does the melee strategy differ from one-on-one strategy?

It's melee. Don't use it in 1v1.

How does it select a target to attack/avoid in melee?

If enemyscanneddistance < targetdistance + 150

What does it save between rounds and matches?


Where did you get the name?

The movement...

Can I use your code?

No, but I am willing to release code snippets from it

What's next for your robot?

And always, always shrinking the code!

Does it have any WhiteWhales?

Not yet

What other robot(s) is it based on?

tobe's idea of FluidMovement, which is used in Neptune

Comments, questions, feedback:

You may want to make that "how does it choose a target" if (enemyscanned < targetdistance * 1.2). -- Simonton

I'm looking for a way to code in some WallAvoidance with 40 bytes...I'm using the 'bounce off' way right now but it seems to trap itself in corners...Oh, btw, the current WallAvoidance / RobotAvoidance simply checks if getDistanceRemaining?()==0 and if it does reverse direction...which is why it traps itself in corners... --Starrynte

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