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To collaborate with RR@H

If you entered a bot into the competition, you could consider to collaborate running the competition by using your computer to execute battles and upload results (similar to Seti@home project). The process is fully automated, so there is no pain on doing it.

  1. Make a separate installation of Robocode in a different directory (like c:\robohome), so running the client will not influence your own development and vice versa. Please only use versions 1.5.4 or 1.6.0, as they are proven stable.
  2. Edit "roborumble\roborumble.txt" file and change the Put_Your_Name_Here to your nick.
  3. Extract all the zip-files below into the "robots" directory
  4. Start the client using roborumble.bat or roborumble.sh (depending on the OS). The first time it can take more than 15 minutes before all jar-files are examined!
  5. Run it as much time as you can. The more you run it, the more you contribute. It is fully automated, so you don't have to care at all.
  6. If you find problems, refer to RoboRumble related pages, or post your issue and we will try to solve it.

To get a reasonably up-to-date set of robots for the rumble to start with, grab the following zip file and move the 300 jars inside it to your rr@H robots directory: And get the 308 updates since 20041017 till 20070929: And get the 166 updates since 20070929 till 20090301:

The same for the meleerumble:

And also for the teamrumble:

I presume all older issues are not valid anymore, otherwise you can find them on /StartingWithRoboRumbleOld or put them here below again.

Sweet. Much easier now thanks. How can I control how many battles are run at once? Or should I just setup a for loop in a batch file for that? --Miked0801

this bash script will be good for unix "roborumbler". Run forever battles, it catch standard and error stream and put it to a file in the directory ./log/tempNUMBER_OF_BATTLE.txt (the script have to be in the roborumble directory). For Linux: save it to a file in the roborumble directory, right click and set the file executable, create a directory called "log", then run the script from shell:


echo #  new line
while [ "$var1" != "fine" ]     #  forever
  let "count=count+1"
  echo "battle n: " $count
  sh roborumble.sh &> ./log/temp$count.txt

exit 0

p.s.: it's very useful for catch error, someone can traslate the script in windows's dos? Asdasd

Wow - is 256MB still the default for the rumble? Why not at least 512, if robocode's default itself is 512? -- Simonton

I'm not sure - maybe because the GUI takes a lot of memory? -- Skilgannon

Ehh, the GUI shouldn't, not compared to many adaptive bots (particularly log targeting). Personally I always set 512MB in the rumble, and the only time I've had an out of memory problem with 512MB was when some particularly memory-heavy team (can't remember which one) was going. Personally I'd support defaulting to 512MB, at least for teams/melee, if Fnl is listening :-) -- Rednaxela

Can someone please zip a new update, i've unzipped the archives above and still get a ton of "Ignoring xxx..." message because they weren't download...thank you! (or even better someone start a new repository and put the zipped bots there...) --Starrynte

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