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Come on, you guys have friends right? Get more people to do robocode. I'm tired of fighting the same people. -- Mike?

Of course we have no friends. We are Robocoders. =) -- PEZ

First defeat us, and then we call our big brothers :) -- Axe

I've got one friend considering having a look. I'll work on him a little more. -- Tango

I think the problem is that it's so hard/frustrating to learn at the begining. --andrew

Well I think the opposite. The learning is what makes it fun. -- PEZ

I've tried to get friends to start. The best result I've gotten is "I'll wait until Robocode 2." I also think it's very hard to learn at the beginning and I think that is frustrating. You really have to enjoy programming to like this, and many gamers just want a game. -- Alcatraz

I happen to think this is not for straight gamers, but for programmer/gamer hybrids like me ^^. Of course i don't do it as well as the "Pro's", but i enjoy the ride. I have tipped a programmer friend towards Robocode (and this wiki) but i fail to see any activity ... maybe he's too busy :( -- Qetu

Indeed. Robocode is for programmer's. I don't even think of it as a game. "I'll wait for RC2" is just an excuse and means "I don't think it's for me really." (That translation is free of charge. =) People who can't take some frustration aren't built for Robocoding. Because it is furstrating business. I think the only Robocoder who hasn't experienced frustration with it is Jamougha. For him it's a joy ride all the way. But for the rest of us... I'll have to concentrate not to through the damn computer out the window! =) -- PEZ

Language is a barrier too. Not every programmer & gamer is inclined to fight his way to the top (competitiveness is a requirement too, i think) speaking a foreign language, in a battlefield that is almost a prowess to be in the top 50, and where the 1st. is light-years from you. Only few enjoy this kind of suffering :) -- Axe

Geek definately. It's a geek sport. -- PEZ

I think we've hit the nail on the head, you have to be a true geek. -- Tango

I was surrounded by programmers, and working directly with other Java programmers at IBM this past summer. Maybe two people thought Robocode sounded interesting, and only one of them ever checked it out. I was hoping for much more luck in my recruiting efforts =( -- Voidious

Gonna try the CS club at my school. They do TopCoder, so they might go for it. Who knows? --David Alves

I don't look at Robocode as a game so much as a long term brain challenge. People who know programming and have a "I'm too good for MENSA" chip on their shoulder should enjoy it. -- Martin

For me it is just as much a game as a learning experience. I basically learned Java from Robocode although I did know JavaScript and Visual Basic. It was especially a learning experience when I was dealing with the files and using zip compression and such. I also learned so much about OOP although I don't know that many people will dive right into Java like me. -- Kinsen

Hey, what.. i'm new here. I have never worked with Java before, but I have enough background in lots and lots of other programing languages to make up for it. I think my friend is sorta into it too be he says the advanced stuff is waaay over his head. He isn't a programmer, he is an artist. *begins wrenching on his bot again* --Chase-san

I've gotten my two brothers and a couple of my nerdy friends into it. Of course, we are in 9th grade and don't have the programming or math background we need, but that's what the Wiki is for :) --Bayen

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