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I think there should be nominations for Robowiki Awards. No actual awards ... just nominations.

I nominate Voidious for the "Most Helpful" award. -- Simonton

I suggest Simonton for the "Most Pattern Matchers" and "Most Memory-Consuming Robot" awards. =) -- AaronR P.S. I'm considering running for the "Vaporware Robot" award with Horizon 1.0.0, which will probably never be released.

Some people (including PEZ) suggested the MeleeStrategy page as the "Best Wiki Page"...inferring Kawigi receiving the "Best Wiki Writer" award... --Starrynte

I'm going to go against convention and nominate myself for the Vaporware Robot Award, for NekoAngel?, Caffeine, Genesis, and Succubus, all of which we're announced, but never released, and are currently in hem "development". I also run for the "Robot Necromancer" award and me resuming "development" on Wolverine. I nominate Kawigi for "The Best Public License", with his KawigiPublicLicense. I nominate Simonton and for the "Most Awesome Optimised Function" award for his non-iterative wall smoothing and wall distance functions. Thats all for now. :) --Chase-san

Then I am going to nominate Simonton for the "Best Bug Reporter" for Robocode! Btw., you are all doing a great job reporting bugs. But, Simonton seems to catch the "good" ones with a very precise information for how to reproduce them. This is beneficial to all of us! ;-) --Fnl

I nominate Pulsar for "Longest Temporary RR-server owner" -- GrubbmGait

I nominate PEZ for "Most Inspiring Robocoder". Without his enthousiasm, insight, OpenSource bots and last but not least: THIS WIKI, this would be a rather empty place. -- GrubbmGait

This is not personal, but I want to nominate Martin Alan Pedersen for "Best Loser". Just the idea of writing a bot that is undefeatable at losing is hilarious :D -- GrubbmGait

I nomintate SmallDevil for the "Most Battle Worn Robot" award, with a staggering 41099 battles under its belt alone (the next highest was about 28k). --Chase-san

"Best Reference Bot" has to go to Raiko.... -- Skilgannon

I nominate Simonton for best CodeSize writer --Starrynte

I nominate myself for MostCompetitiveRobocoderEver... oh wait... Seriously, though. I third the nomination of Voidious for "Most Helpful", and I nominate Iiley, Rozu and Jamougha for the joint triple crown of "Most Talented". Many other people have had 1 strong bot, or a whole bunch of pretty good bots, but those three each had a whole string of top-notch bots, and each was innovative in his own way. --David Alves

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