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1 Gun, 11 SampleBots, 100% hit rate. Can it be done?

I saw this in the competition page and was wondering, "Can it be done?"

I'm really not that good at targeting (my method is: COPY & PASTE from ROBOWIKI tutorials), so could someone else try?

Yours truly, Bayen

I easily score 100% against SpinBot, not counting the bullets that miss because he's already been killed. Walls it a little harder since his movement changes, but if you had a pattern matcher and waited for it to build a good profile before taking the first shot, sure. Same goes for Crazy. The only wild cards for me would be Target and MyFirstRobot, I think. -- Martin

Edit: 1 gun? I dunno. Best bet would be a pattern matching gun, but Target would be a problem. Maybe just ram that sucker. -- Martin

The main thing that restricts a GF gun is the assumption that the enemy will move differently when you actually fire, which is true for all high level tanks. As a result, your only meaningful Waves are gathered simultaneously with a real bullet being fired. None of the sample bots respond to you firing a shot; so you could just fire waves every tick, try and stay alive a while, build up a solid profile of all of them with a lot of segmentation, and then get relatively close and do them in. Maybe, some day in the distant future, I'll actually attempt this. :) -- Voidious

The simplest answer is to aim for the center of your enemy. Just do it from point blank range or wait until they've disabled themselves by shooting all their energy. Other than that, I don't the sample bots are simple enough, and more relevantly important enough to build a targeting methodology capable of hitting all of them without failure. /shrug -- Martin

Maybe NeuralTargeting (which is hard to implement though). I will recommend PM though if you want to make an easy-to-implement targeting method --Starrynte

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