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A team of 5 Shadows

RR@H client can't download ShadowTeam because the bot is not packaged with the team. -- Albert

But it is, I just checked, Shadow_2.12.jar. It's 2.11 with basic team strategy. -- ABC

Seems that real problem was with a trailing space in the participants page. Now it is fixed and any client can download it. -- Albert

After a reign of more than 27 months, Aleph is dethroned as king of the Teamrumble. Long live the new king: ShadowTeam 3.66 !! -- GrubbmGait

Cool! I just updated it with the latest Shadow melee movement, added some simple scaninfo messaging and made a couple of small tweaks. :) -- ABC

Congratulation..., I guess it wasn't that hard to get this team up to date. -- rozu

It seems you already lost your crown, just because a new team was entered. With this number of participants the introduction of a new team really can shift things up and down. -- GrubbmGait

Sorry, this is OT, but... Seeing that post-summary first thing after waking up scared me for a moment ;) Reminds me that I should get back to work on my melee / team tank sometime. -- Voidious

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