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Fairly new to the robocode scene, but already a fanatic coder.
I'm currently in the progress of constructing my first 'real' bot wich I will make publically available.

you can always reach me at the following address: (with the word 'robocode' in the description field)
tijdelijk_000 at microsoft's mail system (hot something)

Bot description:

the bot I'm currently working on is what is called a perceptual bot: it will not store data, so it cannot for example check if another bot has fired.
But to make up for the disability of not being able to dodge bullets, I'm also trying to fit in an advanced movement system wich will, hopefully, work against bots wich use all kinds of targetting techniques.

Status Update:

- I've finished making my wall avoidance functions, and I'm quite happy with them. not a single hit against a wall, so that's quite satisfying...
- but, I still have to finetune those functions, and implement something to check If I would hit a wall while turning with a given vellocity (> 0). (hints, tips, code anyone???)

Currently working at:

- well, i've stoped developing my bot for now, I have to make a (programming)project due in a few months which consumes most of my spare time.


Links wich I edited (more for personal use really)
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Old Members page
Instant Messenging
Robocode2 personel

Welcome to the robocode community. -- Axe, Qetu

Welcome! :-) -- Tango

Thanks all! -- Sven.

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