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Want to help with Robocode2?? Cant wait for someone else to do it?? Have far too much free time? Mad enough to sign up when the project is still really a dream, and we dont even have RC1 source to work from? Well, you've come to the right place. Put your name & skills down here, and if it does become reality, then be prepared for lots of programming! :)

Wolfman - 3 years Java experience, but never wielded it in anger in a commercial sense. :)

PEZ - My writing skills could be put to use in writing user documentation. I also have 12 years experience of designing the user view of computer software so I can maybe help with keeping the user interface clean and to the point. My Java experience limits to the two months I have been Robocoding.

Insectoid I could help debug, and possibly help all-around. This ISN'T a guarentee, beacause I'm a middle schooler.

Ray Vermette If this gets off the ground, you'll need debuggers and code documentation -- I can help with both.

nano - I have 4 years experience with Java, as well as a good knowledge of design patterns, and I think I should be able to help with API specifications and implementation.

hexkid - I would love to be involved. I have 6 years commercial Java experience (mainly server-side) and Sun Certified Programmer & Developer. Haven't had a lot of involvement in Robocode since the rumble.

FraG? - I am a commercial Java software developer since december 1997 (Client, Server, Browser, 2D-Graphics, GUI, ...). If I can find enough spare time, it would be great to be a robocode 2 code contributor.

bienator - I have not commercial Java experience, but I have written an 3D engine in Java3D for Robocode. If someone wants an additional 3D realtime renderer as alternative to the 2D output, I think I can help.

ElimiNate - I got involved with robocode last year and loved it. I would like to be involved with the defining and implementing RobocodeII?. I have a BS in CS and have been doing java based server-side development for about 5 years. I would like to take Robocode to a new level where strategy plays more of a role than exploiting the limits of the system. I also can help with web development support stuff - HTML, PHP, MySQL?, CMS stuff etc.

Vuen - Very cool. I have only a year of Java experience under my belt, and only from Robocode robots; I've played around with my own apps with Swing UI and Java3D and stuff, but never really made a serious application. I'd love to help out, and build some Robocode2 robots :)

mje - commercial java developer & architect since 1997, skills in distributed, embedded Java, gui, j2me. In 2000 I've done a small distributed robotic simulation environment. Ever thougt about building an distributed robocode ? I think there would be some advantages :-).

Vic Stewart - 2 years of Java experience, 4 years of C++/OO-design experience. XML/XSL-T, CVS, SQL, Sourceforge project administration..... I could be helpful for coding, design and administering the project at SF.

Axe - 4 years of Java experience, Sun Certified Programmer for the Java 2 Platform 1.4 since july 2003, I'm starting learning UML using Rose tools & also starting the exam for the Java Developer Certify. Programming since i was 10 years old (assembler Z80), i'm a fanatic about programming. Robocoder since jan. 2003, i'm new in this stuff but just loving it, I offer my services for anything that could help Robocode community.

Sven Claeys - 4 years programming experience, with 1 year of (basic) Java experience. Can help best with (but not limited to): testing/debuging, writing documentation, software/documentation localization (translating english->dutch).

Synnalagma - I have some experience with java, Prolog and C++(on Linux) developpment. I also have some understanding of the current Robocode architecture.

Tiernan - I have experience with distributed computing. I am currently working as an Architect at a company doing J2EE development. In addition to Java I am comfortable in Perl, Python, Ruby, C++, and C. I am particulary interested in making it possible to write robots in different languages. I also believe that it is wise to support distributed combat in Robocode 2.

SirNuke - I have been doing 'serious' programming since middle school, have three years of Java through my own work and High School classes. I also do php/mysql, several BASIC compilers, linux, and some C. I have quite a bit of free time right now (and probubally for the next year or so until College interups everything :-)

Nuke, I think the Robocode2 effort (which never was) will shift fully for OpenSourceRobocode instead. You should make your skills and time available to MatNelson who will start the sourceforge site before this month's (feb 2005) end. -- PEZ

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