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Starting small. Please add yourself to the list.
Peter Strömberg, aka PEZ - Your host and creator of Marshmallow, the current world #3.
Crippa - the programmer behind CBot and Nibbler.
TaqHo (Taquin Ho) is new as of Jan 2003. As usual, Taquin has a few questions: THQ - TaqHo Questions
David Alves - the programmer behind Duelist, DuelistMini, and DuelistMicro, DuelistMiniMelee, DuelistMicroMelee, DuelistNanoMelee, and (soon) Warmonger
Albert - I'm focusing mainly in 1 to 1, small bots (Aspid and MicroAspid)
Rod Hyde - my current focus is on melee nanobots, eg, wee Gem.
Dummy - I'm usually busy with MicroBots / MiniBots :-)
Insectoid -I'm not always active, but sometimes busy with nanobots. Moby series needs an overhaul.
Bruno Bossola - Just an italian beginner, but without spaghetti code :-)
Wolfman - Author of Warlord, Viper?, and developing AgentSmith which is an attempt to create a learning robot.
Ray Vermette Author of RayBot, TheArtOfWar, HumblePie, and HumblePieLite
Zeb - Currently focusing mostly on MicroBots. Author of MajorMarauder.
nano - Author of PerceptBot, his only bot, and the first PerceptualBot. Statistician scrapped. Currently in development: Tax.
miked0801 - Author of Infinity, UltimateDeathToNanoBots, Monarch (9th in Beginner league in Rumble), and Wasp (too lame for a page.) I'm primarily a NanoBots author.
Loki - Author of bots with names of the Norse gods.
iiley - Author of Cigaret,BlackSwans,Smoke,Nimrod...
Hexkid - Author of ReetPetite,CarpeDiem?,MyNewt Starting small with the Nanobots, looking to get in the top 10 or so before moving up to the Micro weight.
Tango - Novice Java and Robocode coder, author of TangosBotV1.
Qetu is some guy from Spain trying to get his mind on Java and Robocode.
Basile Laderchi aka [Killer Angel]? - Beginner in Java and Robocode from Greece.
ABC Author of Tron, Shadow and MiniTron.
Kawigi - Started with CircleBot, SpareParts, and SillyBot. Now also have written FloodMicro, FloodNano, FloodMini, Teancum, FunkyChicken, Barracuda, and FloodHT.
Rock'N'Roll - Im a Scot and all new to Robocode,give me a bit of time and ill bash out something average.
Brainfade - Author of loads of bots, but nothing worth releasing, currently working on MegaBot "Roosevelt"
Paul Evans - I think most of you know who I am :)
Vic Stewart - Working on MegaBot Ender
SSO? - I'm an architect (System, and Building:)). I love Robocode.
FnH - Lurking and coding untill I can beat SandboxDT and make a really big splash :)
DragonTamer - Newbie to Robocode and Java. Working on horrible bots (6 month experiance with Java and Robocode).
Kuuran - Author of NanoSatan and working overtime on making unfeasable systems! :)
Jacob - Interested in GP, not clever enough to have a cool alias.
Simonech - Italian Sailor with passion for Java and Robocode
Vuen - Author of Cake, Wisp, SineSweep, and soon to be Fractal.
Dil - Soon-to-be author of various micro/minibots, sometimes based on comic strip Dilbert.
Marcelo Chong (X-KAM-X) - A Chinese boy who live in Macau with great eager on Java and Robocode. An Author of DevilFISH .
Tobe - I just added the missing link.
Dan724? - I like small bots, but im bad at coding them. Since when is spagetti code bad? :-P
zendragon - Newbie to robocoding - only two weeks. My first bot named Lindada.
Alcatraz - Currently lurking, I've released a few bots though.
Axe - Brazilian java programmer, author of HataMoto? (melee bot) and Musashi (duel bot)
SoupThatIsThick - Canadian Robocode Tinkerer. I lurk in the background until I'm ready for the big leagues. Creator of SmallBot?, CutoffBot.
Dan - Small time Robocoder, just learning Java, has yet to build even an effective linear gun. Author of Cinnamon
Paul Ingemi - Robocode experimenter... an Edison wannabee waiting for his perfect lightbulb to materialize.
Sven Claeys - Fairly new to the robocode scene, but already a fanatic coder.
Scarpia - Computer Science student and author of Gettysburg? and DancerInTheDark.
TheForgottenOne - Newbie to robocode - First real working & competitive Bot: Ram
DDA - Belgian robocode newbie with some knowledge in java programming, currently working on Carbon (duel bot)
MasterStorm - UK Based robocode with little robocde experience, but a lot of maths/coding knowledge. Currently working on my first major bot 'Enigma?'
gez - Student (at school not univeristy) in 12th grade. I'm focused on 1on1 and small bots( better bots with just one(!) aiming method )
Starrynte - discovered robocode reading a Java book

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