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A team of 5 FloodHTs. FloodHT has been team-compatible since version 0.8, but only has a little bit of team-specific strategy (aside from sharing data).
I have been watching your team fight, I think it is a very good candidate for the top if you change the anti-gravity to take your own teammates into account. That is basically what I do in ShadowTeam and it works quite well. I actually assign a _stronger_ force to teammates, because if they all go to the same spot (usually a corner) they become very susceptible to lost bullets, both from the enemies and their own. -- ABC

I could try that. Right now I kind of have a different risk factor for teammates - it's not based on the amount of energy they have like it is for enemies, I don't try to move perpendicular to them so much, and I try to stay away from a line from a teammate to the center (but there are probably better ways to avoid my own line of fire). -- Kawigi

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