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A party whose guests are people that have made a bot that uses DynamicClustering for both movement and targeting that is in the top 10 in the general 1-v-1 category with over 1000 battles fought. First to the party is of course ABC with his amazing Shadow! Second to the party is Chalk! Next is ???

Party Guests:

  1. ABC, with Shadow!
  2. Voidious, with Lukious!!
  3. Corbos, with Chalk!
  4. David Alves, with Firebird!
  5. Skilgannon, with Stormrider!
  6. Kev, with Hydra!
  7. Zyx, with YersiniaPestis!

(Does X2 use DC for movement? He doesn't say that he does, so I'm guessing no...)

I think it uses Toad's movement, so no, not DC. Lukious was top 10 when I first released it, but the party hadn't started yet I guess... =) -- Voidious

*sigh* -- Simonton

No need for sighs, you can make it! You already have a worthy gun, just need to iron the bugs out of your surfing and you're done! --David Alves

But it's so much NOT fun to iron out the bugs :(. -- Simonton

*even bigger sigh* ... I have DC bot with a buggy gun and a good movement. Hmm... I wonder what would happen if we put Simonton's gun on my movement? -- AaronR

Maybe stop getting so complicated with the pathfinding stuff and just get something that works! You can add pathfinding after you completely thomp everyone. :) --Chase-san

I feel so oldschool....Maybe I'll have to try to get to the top 10 with a pattern matcher now =) -- Skilgannon

My latest experiment (generating random buffers) probably gives pretty similar results to DC...I'll give DC a try in my surfing stats, and see if I can get the same results. And maybe it's time I tuned that DC gun I got working about a month ago ;-) -- Skilgannon

I was sort of tongue-in-cheek when I first mentioned Lukious already having been top-10 once, but now that Chalk is #11... Do people get kicked out of this party, or no? =) If no, I came across a screenshot the other day that proves Lukious was already partying once. :-P -- Voidious

No kicking out, and sure, add Lukious in the right place. =) --David Alves

Yay! ([proof]) But Lukious is still self-conscious about being the weakest link at the party right now... -- Voidious

Congrats, Kev! Whether it's Hydra or WaveSerpent, you will most likely soon be the youngest to hit 2100, too. *knock on wood* =) -- Voidious

I turned 18 less than a month before getting in....so Kev better hurry =) -- Skilgannon

I still have over six months until I turn 18 =). But you've definitely been the fastest to hit 2100 (or 2000 for that matter). -- Kev

Hey, I've question. Why Skilgannon enter party with Stormrider? I saw that DrussGT use DC in both Movement and Gun! (It use DC to find imaginary bullet power in its imaginary wave surfing) --Nat

Well, DrussGT uses VCS primarily for the movement. True, it does use DC to find the imaginary bullet power, but that, I believe, actually has very little effect on score. I could probably change that to always guess '2' and for 95% of bots it would be just as good. This club is for bots that ONLY use DC, ie. no VCS at all in either gun or movement. I could change a few booleans in DrussGT to make it like this, but the score would go down dramatically. -- Skilgannon

OK, I understand now. Could you explain how to use DC instead of VCS? I currently not found any description of it on this wiki. --Nat

Added myself since getting in this party was keeping me from working on my new bot, now I finally can move on :-p. --Zyx

Zyx, how old are you? --Nat

I'm 26. --Zyx

Some question, Skilgannon said that "This club is for bots that ONLY use DC, ie. no VCS at all in either gun or movement." If I create a hybrid bot (use both as stats manager, weight equally), wil my bot qualify for this party? --Nat

No, this is a club for bots that use DC only for gun and movement. -- Skilgannon

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