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0.3.7 (codesize ???)

0.3.6 (codesize 724)

0.3.5 (codesize 748)

0.3.4 (codesize 738)

0.3.3 (codesize 738)

0.3.2 (codesize 723)

0.3.1 (codesize 731) - the 'cleanup' version

0.3 (codesize 700)

0.2 - multiple choice - dropped

0.1.16 (codesize 746)

0.1.15 (codesize 737)

0.1.14 (codesize 748)

0.1.13 (codesize 705) --- BUGGY!!! SHOOTS HOT AGAINST StopAndGo !!!

0.1.12 (codesize 745)

0.1.11 (codesize 748)

0.1.10 (codesize 744)

0.1.9 (codesize 746)

0.1.8 (codesize 744)

0.1.7 (codesize: 739)

0.1.6 (codesize: 726)

0.1.5 (codesize: 744)

0.1.4 (codesize: 749)

0.1.3 (codesize: 745)

0.2.3 (codesize: 746)

0.2.2 (codesize: 748)

0.2.1 (codesize: 748)

0.2 (codesize: 747)

0.1.1, 0.1.2

0.1 (codesize: 725)

In the spirit of open-source-ness and wiki-friendly-competition-ness - would you care to fill us in? It looks like Waylander took a flying leap to the top of the micro rumble with the last version or two. -- Simonton

Will do...its kinda late right now but I'll fill it in tomorrow.

The basic changes were changing the angle 'scaling' from 128 down to 24, decreasing the minimum match length from 8 to 2 (I'd rather use pattern data than CircularTargeting) and adding StopAndGo. My latest (0.1.5) changes the distance traveled in the StopAndGo depending on the power they fired with, and adds a favourite distance of 400 (this is the number that worked best for Decado). I also started using bit shifting to put velocity and angular velocity in one character, it seemed to speed up the matching and decreased the codesize as well. I may now be able to take out my 'match only when about to fire' if statement, adding room for better wall bouncing. But first to see what the rating stabilises at =). -- Skilgannon

Oh yes, just in case you're wondering, it is OpenSource. With the same restrictions as Decado (I'll get around to making a decent page tomorrow - it's 22:12 here and I've got school tomorrow). -- Skilgannon

Version 0.1.10 does not do quite well, I see at least 3 very strange results (after 210 battles). cjk.Merkava, areb.Union and jaw.KarenCain?. -- GrubbmGait

It sounds like you weren't listening to the recent talk about PEZ rule #1 (.3) - don't change gun & movement in the same release. But seriously, you're making me nervous here. -- Simonton

I know, I was the one that said that, but I couldn't wait =). Anyways, I don't consider it to be much of a movement change. When I plotted the functions of the Raiko flattener and my flattener, they are virtually on top of each other. So for all my tweaking and rounds against FloodMini, I got a 1 byte smaller version of the same flattener.

With all that extra codesize in 0.3, I decided to fix all those microbot-isms that have never seemed important enough to implement. Together (hopefully) they will contribute 8+ points to my score, enough to get me #1. Just maybe. -- Skilgannon

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