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* This type of DiveProtection - refusing to do WallSmoothing if the angle towards the enemy is too high - is exactly how CassiusClay does it. (Possibly Phoenix too, I can't remember.) So I think it's a perfectly valid idea, even though Dookious has a different approach (Dookious doesn't respond to the angle, he responds to getting too close to an enemy). Off the top of my head: if moving straight at the enemy is 0 degrees and perpendicular is 90 degrees, I'd say 20 or 30 degrees would be a good threshold to start with (and tweak it from there depending on your results). -- Voidious

Similar to Horizon/Questions - this is just to filter out the help from 'comments/feedback/questions'.

Anyways - right now I have this 'check' when Evader does its WallSmoothing, put simply it just makes sure it isn't wallsmoothing too much, and if it's within a certain angle borderline towards the enemy it stops wallsmoothing. My question is how much should that angle be and whether i should even use this. (im asking this for the wavesurfingchallenge mostly...) --Starrynte

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