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* Or constantly click the wrong buttons so that the web-page vanishes with all the work you did. That happened 5 times for the new Wiki, so that is why I'm saving all the time! Alternatively, I work with the text using a ordinary text editor, where I constantly save the text (press CTRL-S) on my local machine, and then copy'n'paste to the preview box on the wiki, when I want to see how it looks. This is also cool for running a spell-checker on the text first. ;-) --Fnl


Robocode developer and administrator

"RoboWiki Donor"
Real Name: Flemming N. Larsen
Location: Aalborg, Denmark, Europe
Born in: 1974
E-Mail: fnl at users.sourceforge.net

I strive to continue Robocode where [Mathew Nelson] left it (as Open Source with version 1.0.7).

Before developing on the original Robocode game, I was developing [RobocodeNG/2006]. The development on this projected has stopped, and all development efforts from this project have been putted into Robocode, except for the Robot mods, which caused a great deal of balancing issues.


Do you know where the source of Robocode is? --Starrynte

I'll answer for him: yes. -- Kawigi

Lol, where is it? --Starrynte

The CVS is at: [http://robocode.cvs.sourceforge.net/robocode/robocode/robocode/] --Nfwu

Hehe.. yes, I might know where to find the sources! ;-)  --Fnl

If you use a CVS tool (e.g. TortoiseCVS?), when you can download the source files from here: [About CVS (for Robocode)] --Fnl

You can also "play around" with Robocode by using Eclipse. This is described in the [Developers guide for building Robocode]. Actually you could do your own variants. --Fnl

Heh, yah I rewrote nearly a third of the core trying to fix a bug I disliked, fortunately the next version fnl fixed it. I also did work on getting a type of tree view for the robots, never got far on that one. Knowing the source is a nice way to understand the physics of the game. Thought Ithink the code could probably be lightened up a little. --Chase-san

You are right that the sources could be lightened up a little. Actually, I am considering to make a version 1.5 that is a total rewrite of Robocode, which is 100% compatible with the current versions of Robocode (MUST BE!), but which includes network support in the core. But it takes a lot of time to do, and so far I have been concentrated on fixing bugs and to improve Robocode. Then some of the "nasty" parts of Robocode has been replaced as I have come along these parts. --Fnl

Wow! I never tried installing Robocode on a linux box before. Watching it determine that it needs to *build* jikes and just *do* it for me, that's awesome! -- Simonton

Yes. With Windows the same binary is able to run on every Windows version. But on Linux the CPU and binaries can be different, and therefore it needs to be builded for the specific Linux system. =) --Fnl

Hey Fnl, amazing work you're doing. I can't believe the release speeds. Just want to say thanks for your time and effort. -- Skilgannon

Soon I am going to concentrate more on Robocode 2, and less on the existing Robocode. I will not forget the current version of Robocode, where there are still things to do.

Whoa, you worked for 12 HOURS STRAIGHT on the new wiki today?!? (and you made a total of 314 contributions...(if i counted correctly) whoa)... AND robocode releases are coming out so fast...how do you do all this.. --Starrynte

Heh.. the 12 hours with the Wiki was an exception. My 2 year old daughter was having fever, so I had to stay home from work taking care of her. But she was sleeping most of the time, so I could work on the new Wiki most of the time. Hmm.. 314 contributions...? Really? I tend to save the pages while writing them as a kind of "ctrl-S" (save file), so that could explain the high number. I took all the stuff from the old online help for Robocode and updated + reformatted the stuff. So it's a kind of "cheating". But I really like the new Wiki so much so i want to migrate and merge as much as possible into it as fast as possible. ;-) --Fnl

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