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I'm 18, in college, and living in Pennsylvania in the United States. I've been following Robocode for about 4 years.


Competitive Megabot(s):

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I'm happy to see you making yourself visible on the wiki! I almost get tears in my sentimental eyes when I think back on when I started Robocoding and a few months from that and your bot Calliope was always amongst my test bots. It took quite a while before I could beat it. I think it was when I added VirtualGuns that I finally did it. I still like the agressiveness of that bot and the way it went from oscillating movement to a kind of stop-and-go. It was Calliope that made me realize that it must be possible to save data between rounds. Do a bit of ego-surfing on the wiki. Use the search function and search for "Calliope" =) -- PEZ

Always nice to know that a bot of mine was good for something, and that movement especially. Thanks PEZ. But my fondest memory of good ol' Calliope would have to be the days that the Repository's download count for her randomly jumped a thousand or so downloads. Staying on the 'Most Popular' list for months was good for the ego too... -- Alcatraz

=) It was the download count that made me download it in the first place. -- PEZ

I think it probably has the highest official download count to date. FloodNano once got a magical 2900 downloads, and I think Cigaret did, too, but FloodNano has since reverted. Just because it appeared to be a popular bot, though, it's been downloaded at least twice as much as any of my other bots, through no accomplishment of its own (It's among the hardest to hit nanos, but I now have the #2 ranked nano, the #1 ranked mini, and the #2 ranked megabot on the ER). -- Kawigi

I also used Calliope as one of my test bots; great fun to test against, win or lose. When I first downloaded it, it wasn't because it had a high download count, but rather because people were talking about it in the forums, although they may have just been talking about it because it had such a high download count :D. Congrats on Immortal being in the 20s; I'm still out in the 60s with Fractal... -- Vuen

What about Guppy, your last (till now) original Robocode bot? --GrubbmGait

Oh, right. That one was no good. All I was trying to make was a bot that beat Nanis? and Freddie, and it did, but it lost to far too many other nanos. -- Alcatraz

Hey! A fellow Pennsylvanian! I hadn't realized before that there were other people on the wiki from within a few hours of me. --wcsv

Yeah, I am originally from near Philadelphia but currently out in Pittsburgh. Being here for the Super Bowl was depressing. -- Alcatraz

Yeah, i saw that your post earlier was from CMU. I tried to get in there, but they didn't want me. --wcsv

They're missing out. This school needs more robocoders. Though I did actually meet someone who had found robocode before, which was a first for me. --Alcatraz

Question about waves: do you guys fire and/or update waves when the enemy is disabled? -- Alcatraz

Umm, I just checked, and Dookious' gun does... *blush* But no, you probably shouldn't. -- Voidious

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