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34 Hours to go!(Eastern Standard Time)--Dan

29 Hours to go!(Grenwich Mean Time)--Tango

It seems I didn't dethrown DT this year (2003). Maybe next year. =) -- PEZ

22.5 hours(EST)! Good luck Pez, maybe by the time you beat DT, I'll have figured out how to make a Pattern Matcher. :) --Dan

12.5 hours(GMT)! OK, let's make a like of /Aims. -- Tango

Let's make what the newspapers do. A ChronicleOfTheYear2003. -- PEZ

12.5 hours (Mountain Standard Time). That means that you're down to 3.5 in Greenwich, 2.5 in Sweden and it's already 2004 in China. -- Kawigi

In that case, Happy New Year China! :-) -- Tango

Less then 1 hour(WST--Wiki Standard Time)-- Dan

Minus 2 hours to go here! ;-) Happy new year everyone! :-D -- Tango


22:34 (CET) and 23:34 (UTC) left! -- Jonathan

14 hours (CET) remaining.... --Vic

14 hours to prepare the fireworks, the 'oliebollen' are ready to be eaten --GrubbmGait

6 hours to go(China). -- iiley

Happy new year China! 5:10 to go... (CET) -- Jonathan

Happy New Year everyone! --Vic


Just under 12 hours left here in EST... -- Voidious

Less than 6 hours left. -- Jonathan (18:23 CET)

22 minutes left, this is my last message this year! -- GrubbmGait (23:38 CET)

Happy new year! Edit: En gelukkig nieuwjaar! ;-) -- Jonathan (0:49 CET)

Happy New Year! :) -- Voidious

Have a great 2006, RoboCoders! --wcsv


Next year will be my first full year Robocoding! (80 hours 7 minutes in PST)--Starrynte

57.1 hours in PST --Starrynte

52.3 hours in PST --Starrynte

23 hours 54 mins in PST, 5 hours 54 mins at my current location! YAY! --Nfwu

only 30 minutes left, happy NewYear? to all active and lurking Robocoders! -- GrubbmGait (23:31 CET)

Still 90 minutes left in my timezone, but Happy New Year! =) -- Voidious

73.3 hours left in PST, but my computer usage is now VERY VERY VERY limited, so this MAY be my last post in 2007, but it might not :) but happy new year in advance anyways! and this will be a leap year. one extra 24 hours to robocode :D --Starrynte, who is again the first to post here for 2007

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