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For a stable feed of bot rankings see RoboRumble/CurrentRankings

You haven't missed RoboLeague, have you? It's could be used to run major leagues like:
* EternalRumble - [Eternal Rumble]
* RobocodeLittleLeague - [RoboCode LittleLeague]

(but strictly speaking, it wasn't used for either).

Old / inactive Leagues:
* Face2face Competition - [face2face]
* [Robocode Outpost - A Robocode Community/League Forum - NEW!!]
* David McCoy's Survivalist League and Perceptual League http://home.velocitus.net/dsmccoy/
* [The Gladiatorial League]
* Qohnil's 1-on-1 Ratings - http://johoop.de/robocode/index.pl
* MiniBotChallenge - http://tobe.homelinux.net/robocode/

Are there any leagues out there based entirely on bullet damage (i.e. the opposite of survivalist leagues)?

* RoboRumble @ Home - See current rankings in RoboRumble/CurrentRankings
* RobocodeDeathMatch/Competition - where aggressiveness is all.
* RobocodeLittleLeague - Where CodeSize constrained fight for honour. Successor to the MiniBotChallenge.
* ExtendsRobotCompetition - Only Robots allowed ! It is not easy to do one thing at a time.
* EternalRumble
* Face2face - Currently inactive. you can download RoboRumble@home client from the site.

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