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Moron by Martin Alan Pedersen


I was not around when ad.last.Bottom was created, but it was obviously intended to be the absolute worst performer in the Robo Rumble. That seemed like a good challenge. I think I outdid him.


After 208 battles pedersen.Moron v1.0 is at 101.09, compared to ad.last.Bottom at 149.18. Moron v2.0 finally ousted SittingDuck for last place in the melee rumble, and brought new depths to the duelist ranking.

Moron v1.0- 387n/a
Moron v2.0- 651985


Duels: Initially aims dead on until it scores a total of three hits. Afterward, in aims in the opposite direction for the rest of the match.

Melee: Does not aim or fire.


Duels: Closes distance with opponent but does not ram, allowing increased chance of landing initial bullets. Afterward, he remains still for the remainder of the match.

Melee: Closes distance with nearest opponent but does not ram, allowing increased chance of being targeted and hit.


Moron uses Ugluk's radar systems.

Energy Management:

Duels: Initially fires 0.1 power bullets until minimum score is attained. Then fires 3.0 power bullets for rest of the match. No real energy management.

Melee: Does not fire.

Debugging, Statistics, and Persistence

Moron performes no file i/o in order to reduce the chance of throwing an exception due to the cannon caches bug.

Archnemeses / White Whales

Moron's chief rivals are ad.last.Bottom and sample.SittingDuck.

Comments, questions, feedback:

I would expect that scoring 1-6000 (ad.last.Bottom) is far worse than scoring 3-3000 (Moron), but it does not seem to matter. What counts is that Moron does lose, or at least not win, against bots that get disabled or can not hit a SittingDuck. Congratulations with this bot that fully forfills its purpose! -- GrubbmGait

Yeah, I think beyond a 1/1000 ratio it's moot. I am seeing a lot of 0.0 scores so perhaps it is rounding down if lower than 1/2000 or so. One thing for certain is that my score wouldn't be in the negatives without the help of ad.last.Bottom scoring 99.9% against me. I am a bit disappointed that I wasn't able to beat SittingDuck by making myself more of a target. I guess Moron is harder to hit in melee since he keeps chasing people who try to get away. -- Martin

Success! It took a while for the melee rumble numbers to settle, but Moron has taken the crown of worst melee bot. -- Martin

Hmm...If Moron purposely disables himself, will that battle count? --Starrynte

Nope, if a score turns out to be xxxx to zero, that battle does NOT count. When running RR@Home, sometimes you see such a score between wavesurfers and HOT-bots, but a re-run of the match will eventually give a valid result. So your participant (Wors(t)(e)RobotEver?) will not get a ranking, luckily you made a typo when submitting it. -- GrubbmGait

Actually, this fact is part of what makes Moron so impressive. If getting a low rating were as simple as getting a zero score, it would be easy, but Moron does its best to get a super low non-zero score against everyone! =) -- Voidious

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