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A problem bot is a bot with about the same or lower ranking than your bot that your bot loses against. I guess it means that the problem bot exploits (consiously or unconsiously) a weakness in your bot. For instance Sparrow is a problem bot of Marshmallow. When running a RoboLeague with the top-50 of EternalRumble 1-v-1 on my machine Sparrow places lower than Marshmallow Yet Sparrow quite easliy beats Marshmallow in a OneOnOne battle. -- PEZ

Are you sure? I just ran some rounds, and Marshmallow beat Sparrow 75-25. --Dummy

Did it? Did you run version Maybe you didn't run enough rounds. I will run a few more tests now for sure. -- PEZ

Ow... I think I selected an older version of Sparrow --Dummy

What can be just as interesting as trying to beat your ProblemBots without degrading your performance against other bots is trying to become a one of someone else's ProblemBots. Been a hobby of mine. It looks like some really good strategy might be coming out of it, too... -- Kawigi

Does SandboxDT have any problem bots? Any at all? Just curious... I don't think I have yet seen a single robot that can beat it one on one. (keyword *yet* (hopefully!)) -- Vuen

The last 1v1 problem bot for DT was David Alves' Duelist at the turn of this year - I had to create a new version to beat that. More recently ABC's Tron had the edge on DT in Melee until I put in a new melee movement for DT. It may be possible that some of the pattern matchers may have a 1v1 advantage against DT in a 10 round battles with no data files - but this is a little artificial. -- Paul Evans

PEZ, iiley and I are all working on producing another problem bot for you, Paul. We'll let you know when we think we have one. :-p -- Kawigi

While PEZ's original description says you lose against problem bots, it is more accurate to say that you do not do as well against the robot as you are expected to, based on your ratings. If you have a high rating and cannot soundly beat bots with low ratings, those bots are likely to be problem bots, and keep your rating from getting much higher. A common situation lately has been ram bots, which tend to score around average (1600) and are difficult to beat as devastatingly as other bots that keep their distance with inferior movements and targeting. -- Martin

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