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CoreWars is probably the first strategy programming game. The concept is in essence identical to Robocode. These points are noteworthy of CoreWars and considering these, we have come a long way to get Robocode. :-)


The Game:

MOV 0 1

(( Uploaded COREWARS2.EXE and COREWARS.TXT to /taquin. How do I link to it. The syntax http: /robodocs/<filename> does not seem to work))

http:/robocode/uploads/taquin/corewars2.exe http:/robocode/uploads/taquin/corewars.txt

I've also toyed with this nice game. Recommended for gaining notions on Assembly programming ... Revisions of RedCode introduced registers some time ago ... ;) -- Qetu

I don't know what corewars2 is but the official version for rec.games.corewars is pMARS. Check out http://www.koth.org/ -- Paul Ingemi

Yes, I've played around somw with Core Wars too, i even have a bunch of my old conceptual notes about warriors I'd like to code, but I never found the game rewarding enough to bother. Imagine having to consider that someone might overwrite *some* part of your bot with an endless loop or a new DeathEvent?() or something. -- Scarpia

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