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Who has put the most bots into the rumble?

As I can't see those statistics anywhere, I compiled the list by myself. I think I'll also encapsulate it into a brief Perl script, so the list could be kept up to date. As for now the people (or at least main packages) with at least 3 bots are(number of bots and name):

     15 kawigi
     13 pez
     11 cx
     10 bvh
      9 gh
      8 wiki
      8 rz
      8 dft
      8 apv
      7 myl
      6 dz
      6 davidalves
      6 arthord
      5 tobe
      5 timmit
      5 sgp
      5 mz
      4 ph
      4 pe
      4 cf
      4 axeBots
      3 takeBot
      3 ratosh
      3 pulsar
      3 mld
      3 md
      3 m3thos
      3 lrem
      3 jep
      3 jekl
      3 jam
      3 ahf
      3 abc

Congrats for resilience to the very top.


Wow, I had no idea! I also own half of 3 of those wiki bots :-p However, you're not counting bots that aren't entered in one-on-one, so you missed one of mine ;-) -- Kawigi

That's right, I'll change that tomorrow. I didn't save the regexps I used and I'm too tired now to recreate them. --lRem

Well, I suspect getting it perfect isn't practical, because you have to "just know" about some of the Robocoders and their work. Since I don't have time to waste, here's how I wasted some time:

  1. 18 Kawigi
  2. 15 PEZ
  3. 11.5 Iiley
  4. 11 GrubbmGait
  5. 10 David Alves
  6. 10 Loki
  7. 9.5 Rozu
  8. 9 Mike Zhang
  9. 9 Albert
  10. 8 Alcatraz
  11. 7 DrLoco
  12. 6 Rational Insanity
  13. 6 Kuuran
  14. 6 Simon Parker - someone who's been around longer than me should make him a page
  15. 5 Tobe
  16. 5 Timmit - someone (maybe Iiley) should make him a page - I haven't heard from him since the early days of the RobocodeLittleLeague.
  17. 5 Ph
  18. 5 Jim
  19. 5 Deathcon
  20. 4 Paul Evans
  21. 4 Axe
  22. 4 Andrew
  23. 4 Dummy
  24. 3.5 Jamougha
  25. 3 takeBot (?)
  26. 3 Ratosh
  27. 3 Pulsar
  28. 3 Miked0801
  29. 3 M3thos
  30. 3 lRem
  31. 3 JPrideaux
  32. 3 ABC

So I changed the package names to their more familiar author names (except for takeBot, whose bots all probably predate the wiki, and I don't think I ever really knew him), and added in obscurities and melee/teams that I knew of, not counting melee bots that are already counted in one-on-one, and not counting teams that are made up of 5 of some other entered bot. What I added in:

-- Kawigi

You can strike my wiki bot, it is a RRGunChallenge bot and these are by default temporary (and certainly not unique). -- GrubbmGait

And I wasted my time in some other way and created nightly a (I hope) nice micromelee bot. Just have to debug it after some SLEEP... --lRem

I think Loki threatens the top-3 now, it looks like he has 19 bots active now, at least in OneOnOne. -- GrubbmGait

If you're really into measuring fertility you should count all bots a coder has given birth to, not just the currently active ones. But I guess it's quite hard to get an accurate measure of that so let it be only the surviving offsprings then. I could always just release some of my slaughtered bots on the rumble again. j/k =) And I think there are some bots out there using my guns or my movements in their entirety and I should probably have .5 for those. =)-- PEZ

Aha, i'm 3th. :) -- iiley

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