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MCIndex (MovementChallenge Index) ranking

Bot Author APMC Index CFC Index Final Index
CassiusClay PEZ 68.56% 93.16% 80.86%
Dookious 0.66 * Voidious 70.484% 83.400% 76.942%
PowerHouse 1.4a+ wcsv 52.57% 88.94% 70.76%
Toad 0.9tMC Florent 64,13% 68,04% 66,09%
Shadow 3.59.9b ABC 57.547% 71.607% 64.577%
YALT David Alves 43.36% 62.55% 52.96%
SandboxDT 2.11 Paul Evans 56.47% 43.23% 49.85%
SandboxDT 2.01 Paul Evans 55.90% 42.68% 49.29%
SandboxDT 1.91 Paul Evans 52.28% 36.19% 44.235%
FloodRMC? Kawigi 44.34% 38.04% 41.19%
GlowBlowAPMRMC rozu 59.04% 16.19% 37.615%
TeancumPassive Kawigi 38.85% 35.84% 37.345%
Frankie 1.9.2mc PEZ 54.22% 16.34% 35.28%
FloodMiniPassive? Kawigi 35.77% 25.38% 30.575%
Fenrir 0.23MC Loki 42% 13% 27.5%
AshRMC iiley 32.51% 18.25% 25.38%
GrubbmGrb 1.1.3 GrubbmGait 19.42% 10.32% 14.87%

Bots above the dotted line have completed the challenge and have beaten both PatternMatcherBot and SandboxDT (in index mode) without firing or ramming.

You can calculate the INDEX like this:

MCIndex = (APMCIndex + CFCIndex)/2

I suggest that we also include the source Indices. If we remove the DOV/Comment? column there should be enough space for 2-4 extra index columns -- Vic

Not a bad idea. Consider it implemented ;-) Maybe room is even present to bring back the comments if people want to. -- Kawigi

Great :-) thanx! -- Vic

Maybe if we link to the source index pages the comments can near enough? -- PEZ

Good idea to link to the other movement index pages. I hope no one minds me constantly changing my indeces to reflect my current development. I think it's time to give it a rest for the day and upload some stuff. I just uploaded a zip file of my entries as well as an 'index' version of FloodMini, with a graphing utility, for anyone who wants to know what FloodMini knows about you. It's called MCExperiments on the repository. -- Kawigi

Wow! (Your CFC Index is great!) -- PEZ

Actually I'd love the comments back. The table takes just over a third of the width of my screen as it is; I'm not sure how high everyone else's resolution is, but if side-scrolling is that much of a hassle for everyone you can leave it off I suppose. -- Vuen

The side won't scroll. The rows of the table will break first. Try narrowing the browser window and you'll see. If you like the comments back, just put them back. It's the wiki way. =) -- PEZ

Actually, upon trying it myself, I find that the rows don't break. I suspect this is due to the periods on the one row (so if the periods are the longest row, we don't have to worry about it breaking on the page, only on the edit page). -- Kawigi

Same here; the rows don't break. Ah well. Maybe when I get a real index out of Fractal I'll post it with a comment. :)

You are mean Paul! Why can't you work with your guns instead? =) I can't wait to graph this new movement. -- PEZ

This page has been ignored long enough for me to sneak in a victory when nobody's looking. :-) --David Alves

Well, now when you are taking your good time to get the RR up and running again we have to find other ways to get our measure-my-bot fix. =) -- PEZ

I'm still quite a ways from being satisfied with Dookious's scores, but I posted his scores for the MovementChallenge as of version 0.50. -- Voidious

Slowly but surely... Dookious 0.51 went up a few points up from 0.50. -- Voidious

I ran the latest CassiusClay through each of the challenges, and updated his scores here. (The luxury of having an idle PC next to me at work. :)) -- Voidious

Don't laugh!! Despite its bad movement and low-ranked guns GrubbmGrb is still rated above 1800, thanks to its StopNGo mode. Time to improve its main-movement. -- GrubbmGait

I updated Dookious MC scores, which I'm pretty happy with. I think a lot of the top tanks would have higher spots on here if their scores were up to date for both challenges... -- Voidious

I was very curious about up to date scores for the top tanks, so I ran Shadow's MovementChallenge overnight. -- Voidious

Thanks! Interesting results... Maybe I'll test some "purer" versions, I remember doing lots of crazy tweaks before my (long) robocoding break. -- ABC

I only ran one set of each, but I posted the scores for Dookious 0.61. I'm really pleased with that CFC score :) I'll run a set of 5 seasons when I get a chance. -- Voidious

Well, that CFC score is nice, but I'm now thinking that getting 99% in the WaveSurfingChallenge would do more for my rating... -- Voidious

It may seem cheesy, but I used Dookious 0.65's distancing for Dookious 0.66 when it's in MC mode. Version 0.66 stays much closer in a battle, resulting in much lower MC scores, so it's pretty much useless for me to benchmark the movement without using my previous distancing. -- Voidious

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