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It's basically nanodeath and r2d2 thrown together. So that's like a ram bot with a guess factor gun.

the name is from supertroopers, car RamRod. hey, i'm in highschool, i thought that movie was hilarious

by Mike Zhang and Andrew

has a rank of about 150 but scores 65% against SandboxDT 3.01 hahahah

sure it is nice. but you could easily make a good bot out of this. if you face a weak bot there is no reason to ram it. I mean you have a GF gun on it why don't you use it against them. if the statistics tell you're facing a strong bot then it surely is a good idea to ram it. If I were you I'd give it a try... -- rozu

unfortunatly paul "fixed a bug" and released 3.02 that now destroys RamRod. when you say statistics, you mean somthing like try raming first round to see if it works well? i was thinking about that, but a lot of times it gets a higher score just because of the ram damage and not the survival. i'm sure mike can make some algorithms to figure that out though. we are going to try to make this into a decent bot, but probably keep RamRod 1 just to have another rammer bringing down some top bots because it's funny. --andrew

Surely it can lead into a very interesting bot. If NanoDeath & BiggerDeath? can be a problem with a simple gun, a GF gun into a ramming bot can do it better... About deciding when to ram, u can use Vuenīs class: see CalculatingScore. Good luck. -- Axe

I was thinking about turning RamRod into a multimode bot, with flat movement against medium bots, ramming against good bots, and oscillation against bad bots. Super high score! -- Mike

Stop-and-go is pretty good against bad bots. -- Kawigi

i think ramrod is going to stay as is, but a few more radnor rambots might come out. expect a new radnor bot with multi mode type stuff to come out in a while.--andrew

Congratulations, RamRod is a great headache of mine! This bot proves that we still have room for new strategies (Ok, i know that raming ainīt new, but RamRod have potential to transform it into art). If u succeed in putting that ram-high-ranked/donīt-ram-low-ranked stuff it can show up with a very interesting bot. -- Axe

if nothing else, this bot shows that ramming is a really really bad strategy if you want to have a decent ranking. people aren't prepared for rammers, and don't really need to be. --andrew

I think different. These new ram bots just prove that (as u said and i listened.:) very good bots arenīt prepared for them, and this failure can be very well exploited by MultiMode bots. It is at least a good material for an experience. It is very hard to do something original in rc (everybody have, at least, a dozen cases of doing something by their own thinking that it is original. And then dicovering that someone else already had done it.), although it isnīt original the ramming thing, it shows that u are searching for new paths. Very interesting experiment (and i have to remember u that it beaten DT in one version - this speaks for itself). Congrats. -- Axe

I would encourage anyone to release a bot that does better against Shadow than against FloodHT. -- Kawigi

At the moment (20041129) there are 2 bots performing better against Shadow than against FloodHT.
- sm.Devil_7.3
- lrem.micro.FalseProphet Alpha

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