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Hmmm. What has happened to the front page? It looks all empty and boring. I liked when it showed how much content you could expect to find on the wiki. -- PEZ

The first time in months or so I look at the front page... But I liked the old one although it was a bit cluttered. Jokester appears to have done it. -- Jonathan

Yes, I can see how it is much less clutter now. Let's try it this way a while. As you say, we ragulars don't use that page very much anyway. And too newcomers it might feel less daunting now. -- PEZ

Well, as a newcomer, relatively speaking (Less than a year at the wiki). I can say that the old page was NOT a problem, in fact, I liked the clutter-ness of it. However, I have an ability to see order in chaos, so keep that in mind when thinking on my post --UnderDark

Personally, I like it, I think Jokester did a nice job. -- Alcatraz

I changed it around a few weeks ago, with a question as to whether people liked the change or not (no response, I guess not many people check it). I can easily change it back if you prefer. My personal feeling was that there was alot of repeated information and unnessecary info. I was actually under the impression for my first few visits that everything the wiki had was on that page (definitely not true), and in this revision I chose to make it more of a table of contents. Half the links were repeated, broken, or unused (the pages on the bottom half not having been updated for years and several broken links). I also wasnt sure of the point to listing the different techniques on the front page, because with everything there it made the Targeting and Movement pages a bit useless. So I decided on a cut down home page, with just the big concepts, and through those concepts I have and still am organizing those big topic pages into a table of contents for that topic. The goal being that you could go to the homepage with an idea of the question or topic you need, and choose the broad topic. Then that would take you to another list of subtopics, and so forth to all the pertinant information, being able to bring in all the pages on the subject, because before alot of the pages could only be accessed through a link in the discussion part of a Bot page or something like that.

Mind you, this is just one mans opinion. I made sure before I changed it that there was a copy available ( Home ) and I can easily revert the page back. Also, if youd like, I can make more of a middle ground by bringing the subtopics into the main page (although I then dont really get the point of the topic pages). Input is both welcome and desired, for that is the real point of the wiki.

-- Jokester

The point with both sub categories on the main page and topic pages would be that different people thinks differently and having it both ways makes both "guesses" right. I'd appreciate a middle ground bewteen the last version and the current one. But that's again just one persons opinion. -- PEZ

Maybe if the topic pages listed under Targeting and Movement were on the main page as well? -- Alcatraz

Hmm, if you would like, I can just return it to its old status. But if a middle ground would be prefered, I think the best way to do this is to determine what people liked and what can be removed. Basically, there are certain sections of the original home page (you can see it at Home)

-- Jokester

It feels like you have thought it through like noone else has. And everything you say makes sense to me. I cleaned the home page up some more even. And moved stuff around a bit according to my idea of categorization. -- ~~~~

Hi, I don't know where to put it, but I really want to see a fully migrated new wiki as soon as possible. I found out that in past 6 months, there are no migration happen (unless you count User:Nat, User:Zyx, Ocnirp, Newton and few RoboRumble page) I've think the new rule that can make a migration a bit faster. Here is the rule:

  1. Email to PEZ (or write to him if he is active) to LOCK every but participants pages.
  2. Put on a notice: "This site is no longer editable, instead if you want to say something to the page, migrate it to the new wiki!"
  3. Make a UseModWiki template (if there are) or put on every migrated pages a notice: "This page have been migrated, please look at the new wiki"
  4. Create a clear instruction how to migrate the page beautifully.
I can do all of that myself, but I request for a community permission before doing so... --Nat

Go ahead =) I'd like not to have to change both pages of my version history ;-) -- Skilgannon

Are PEZ active? I saw him a few days ago, not not sure is he check frequently. Should I emailed him pezius@gmail.com or pez@pezius.com? Should I put a notice on front page? --Nat

Oh! I found a problem in my rule above. The first rule said that all pages will be read-only but the third rule said that "put on every migrated pages a notice" How can we put on the ontice on read-only page? Anyone have ideas? --Nat

Yes, it has long been high time we "really" migrate. I think the main thing to do is point the robowiki.net domain at the new server, then put this wiki in archived form at a subdomain or some such. PEZ, Fnl, David Alves and I have discussed this quite a bit, but we've just never pulled the trigger on it.

David Alves owns the server we're using at roborumble.org and PEZ controls the domain, but it's also largely me that's failed to make the migration finally happen. I'll try and get things rolling within the next week or so... In any case, yes, you can mail PEZ at either of those addresses if you want. (Sorry I've been so absent on the wiki, guys!)

-- Voidious

I figure the sooner the domain name gets moved over the sooner the new wiki will really get embraced. As much of a good idea the new wiki is, we kinda stick to this one still because its easier to get to (and we are used to it). Just my opinion... also please make sure we know where this one is. :) --Chase

Agreed. This wiki no longer unstable (like last year). Last year, it down frequently, especially about Q4. The one down course lost of all changes! Anyway, if some one just create a script that import ALL of the page into MediaWiki? first and let user re-formatted it would be better. Also, if someone create mediawiki bot that automatically insert a link would be a good ideas, as I', lazy to type just and? :-) --Nat

Just wanted to let y'all know that I didn't forget about this and I am getting the ball rolling with the migration. Hopefully it will happen soon. Starting to get the itch again, too, but we'll see what comes of that. =) -- Voidious

But I forgot already =P Anyway, you have remind me. Starting another seasons of migration. --Nat

Hey Nat - I like the big/red text on the main page, but I'm not sure we want to say this wiki is "discontinued" just yet. It's still at the primary URL, and I believe it's still where RoboRumble is checking the participants list. When we get the domain pointing at the new wiki, we can truly discontinue this one and make it read-only. Cool? -- Voidious

Some suggestion: It is a time to point this domain to new wiki. and let this wiki at old.robowiki.net or something. That way we can trigger use of new participants list. We can use HTTP 301 Moved Permanently on testwiki.roborumble.org. For some old links, we can put in MediaWiki?:Noarticletext describe that. --Nat

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