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Attention: adding your bot here does not count as officially entering it, you still need to enter it via email. This is just a list so that we can find out about how many people are going to be in each category. --David Alves






  • DuelistFemto?


  • DuelistSonnet?


  • DuelistHaiku?

It's not wise to use html-tables. I'm constantly considering what html markup the wiki should support and tables done this way may sease to render as tables any day. Anyway, someone should make this page auto-generated from the real participant list. It's easy enough to do and then you could use html tables because it would be easy to change the page generating script if these cease to be supported on this wiki. -- PEZ

I don't think there 'is' a real participant list, at least not other than the one in kawigi's head. He could make this page into the official list...

There is one. It's http://robocode.yajags.com/entrants.php . If you want it automated here as well, it's also stored in raw text files there. -- Kawigi

I'd say this page is pretty redundant =) -- PEZ

One thought about Nobo (one of the nanos listed there). Does anyone know any way to contact ratosh? He'd probably care to know about this. Especially since he was nice enough to give me credit for the gun he stole from Moebius 2.0 and put in Vobo now :-p -- Kawigi

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