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The cure:

I encountered this last night. No beer though :( But going out with my girlfriend tonight should cure me, right? --Alcatraz

As long as you stay away from rc thoughts... My experience with this illness says that after a couple of days you will feel completely restored. :) -- Axe

Having RC thoughts while with your couple should be disturbing :S ... :( I use to suffer stress cycles with anything i do, Robocode is not different ... Good advice! -- Qetu

or you could go see Oklahoma! --andrew

hmmm... that surrey with a turret and radar on top... I mean FRINGE!!! FRINGE I SAID! -- Kawigi

^lol! :-) --David Alves

Invite me on that laugh too please. What's a fringe? -- PEZ

Hair over the forehead. What the Americans call "bangs". -- Tango

Thanks. And what's the bearing (sorry, couldn't resist) to Oklahoma? -- PEZ

Can't help you there, I'm afraid. I'm also not sure about the use of the word "surrey". I only know of it as a county in south England, and counties certainly don't have radars on top... -- Tango



You guys just aren't asking in the right place ;-) (it's the first definition on both pages). Asking an English guy what the terminology means in an American musical... -- Kawigi

I know that definition of fringe, and the shared root should be obvious, but I can't remember ever hearing of a "surrey". And just because you Americans can't speak English properly, doesn't mean the someone from England isn't the best person to ask what an English word means. ;-) -- Tango

And I'm still wondering about that joke. Stop giving me clues and tell me. =) -- PEZ

a surry is a sort of horse draw carriage thing, i'm not really sure what the difference is. and fringe is what you get when you take a peice of cloth and cut it a lot, to make strips of cloth attached to each other that move around, sort of like a person's bangs. --andrew

I think I am starting grasp the meaning of those two words. But where's Oklahoma in all this? This better be a good joke. =) -- PEZ

well if you look up, all this oklahoma talk originated when i randomly said "or you could go see Oklahoma." the truth of the mater is, i went to see our school play, which happens to be Oklahoma this year, last night and randomly threw that up because i wasn't robocoding while watching the play. it's funny how somthing like that can turn into a really long discussion about the meanings of words. --andrew

I have never heard of a play named Oklahoma. But now at least I know several meanings of the word fringe. =) -- PEZ

Yeah, and I thought it was about the place Oklahoma all this time. -- PEZ

all the surrey and fringe stuff came from kawigi's comment, which is a joke about a song in the play -- Andrew

This all is indeed the kind of discussion expected in a stress room :) -- Axe

Lyrics to "The Surrey With the Fringe on Top" from the musical Oklahoma: http://www.guntheranderson.com/v/data/thesurre.htm --David Alves

Lol, thanks. And, Tango, I don't mean to say that asking an English person what an English word means is wrong, simply that asking an English person what the American usage of the word is might not be optimal ;-) -- Kawigi

Ayup, we've all got our own dialects, so stop hosin' on 'im, eh? -- Kuuran

I hate to steal your thunder Kuuran, but "Ayup" in an olde english expression used mainly in the midlands. That's assuming that you were using it as an example of your own dialect. You might not have been. God i'm bored... --Brainfade

I realised you were refering to the play (musical?) a while back, which made it make a little more sense, but I have never seen it, so didn't know of the song. I think the use of "ayup" was because it is well known as a dialect word. I'll leave the anti-americanism for now, shall I? ;-) -- Tango

Yep, time for the anti-english-ism! (j/k) -- Kawigi

Argh! You're massacring the English language again! A hyphen before a suffix? Ouch! ;-) -- Tango

How about a slash to seperate an abbreviation (i.e. - j/k)? To quote some Strong Bad lyrics:

And I don't care how they spell things on the Internet. When you email me you spell the whole word out. And I don't care if your cell phone has a camera in it...
-- Kawigi

Abbrev. (I love that) are different, (although there are rules). They are used to get a point across without pressing many keys, rather than in a nice way. A word split into 3 parts by hyphens looks ugly! (And I'm all in favour of spelling things out, save a few well known abbrev.) -- Tango

I think the Java language designers must have agreed that words split into 3 parts by hyphens was ugly. Or even words divided into hyphens. In some languages (like Lisp / Scheme maybe), setTurnRadarRightRadians might have read set-turn-radar-right-radians instead. -- Kawigi

Well Lisp is one of the most evil things in existance, the less said about it the better... --Brainfade

Postscript is cool. There you cab have about any character in identifier names. I don't know about lisp, but people say PS share a lot with lisp. And PS is way fun to code with. For a geek that is. -- PEZ

How are you (or more importantly, the compiler/interpreter) meant to know the difference between an identifier with hyphens in, and a subtraction sum? -- Tango

Lisp has a strange way of doing things - the operator always comes before the arguments. for instance 3 + 2 would be shown in lisp as (+ 3 2), everything is space seperated and has to be contained in brackets, so there is no way that a subtractive sum could be confused with a method name. It just seems really counter intuitive to me, hence why i passed my Scheme course last year by 1%. I now intend to avoid it for the rest of my natural life... --Brainfade

I thought it was a Scheme course that had made you hostile to lisp. =) In Postscript things work similar to lisp. Though, as the name implies, everything is postfix. We have lisp which is prefixed, a-bunch-of-languages (Java is one) which are infix (if that's the word) and postscript which is postfix. Additionally in postscript there is no difference between an operator like "add" and your own function named "add" except that the first is built in and so primitive it is needed to build your own variant. Operators follow the same identifier rules as your own functions and variables. To express 3 + 2 in postscript you do "3 2 add". There's no way the hyphens, apostrophes, question-marks or whatever you use in your identifiers will ever be confused with math operators or some such. -- PEZ

Help! I'm surrounded by grammar geeks! X-P --David Alves

You'll never know -- I am currently attending a course in Standardized ML (the New Jersey implementation), so I too could start rambling on about this whole functional-languages-and-their-scary-bordering-on-evil-syntax thing. But I won't, because it gets really scary. -- Scarpia

A little Humor can help alleviate RSS :-) --David Alves

I think I'm currently suffering from LackOfRobocodeSressSyndrome?. I'm really looking forward to spring break. Blah. -- Alcatraz

If anyone wonders I have a Robocode break at the moment. It's been two weeks or so since I even looked at any of my bots. Of course, this widens my perspective on bots too so I get all sorts of ideas to try out when I start coding again. Within a week I would guess. -- PEZ

Sometimes we just need a break to refresh our thoughts... Good to know u soon will be back, Im trying to wake up the people on the top (without success), any help shall be welcome. -- Axe

I've been (slowly) restructuring my bot framework lately, this time using some OO principles, like inheritance and abstract classes. Tron v3 is finally taking shape. :) -- ABC

if anyone cares, i'm doing the same thing as PEZ. --andrew]

Arggg... Here am i again in that stress, that time rc stress + work stress + personal stress = a huge amount of stress... Actually i think that SilverSurfers WaveSurfing is completely broken... Ill stay some days away from coding it (or any rc coding), till i get my mind in place.... -- Axe

I never encounter this syndrome, instead I encounter TooMuchRobocodeAddictSyndrome? :-) I always robocoding (cannot take any break from it) while I have other (important) works to do. Shame on me. --Nat

I was there for quite a while. Late nights/early mornings while taking care of newborns made for some fuzzy days and fuzzier code. I also made the mistake of installing robocode at work for a few weeks and got my wrist slapped :) --Miked0801

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