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Take some pattern-matched angles, then select the most visited angle (like GuessFactorTargeting).
In a word, PatternMatching + MultipleChoice

(Feel free to edit the definition.)

Bots using this Targeting:

I'm curious why you say Tron uses this. It really doesn't use patterns to match old situations in its log, it uses DynamicClustering (aka TronsGun), which is more of a log-based system to replace Segmentation / VisitCountStats. ABC has described it as a pattern recognition gun that can work in melee, but it's not a true PatternMatcher any more than Dookious is. Different versions choose firing angles in different ways, but I think most have a form of MultipleChoice for selecting the angle once its found the N closest matches. -- Voidious

While we're arguing, I think "PatternMatching + MultipleChoice" is AT LEAST 2 words ... really more like 5. --Simonton

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