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TargetingChallenge2K7 Reference Bots:

5 WaveSurfers:

5 non-surfers:

Download the bots: tc2k7_reference_bots3.zip (262 kb)

Argh! Here's something we didn't think of: WeeksOnEnd uses the Rules class, so it crashes out in 1.07 and gives a zero score. Seeing as CodeSize doesn't matter, it should be possible to modify it to not use Rules without change in functionality. However, what about the memory usage? We still don't have RoboLeague working with a stable version of Robocode once the memory issue is fixed, right? Is it possible to edit WeeksOnEnd to not use up too much memory over many seasons if we have unlimited CodeSize? -- Voidious

Hmm, I guess I hadn't actually tried RoboLeague with 1.2.6a. But I do get an error. I'll move that conversation to the Robocode/News page, but for now, we might indeed want to make WeeksOnEnd work with 1.07. -- Voidious

Nota bene: True to form, I screwed up the template in the first .zip file, using the old version of DuelistMicro from TC2K6. If you downloaded it already, please download again! -- Voidious

The memory issue has nothing to do with a targeting challenge ... the memory is hogged by the gun, not the movement. -- Simonton

Ok, finally finally went and edited WeeksOnEnd to just use its own copy of the Rules class (new one is 1.10bTC), so all the bots work fine in the older versions of Robocode and RoboLeague now. Personally, this was my main issue with running the TC2K7 until now because it meant I had to always run WOE manually. Updated the template, too. (Might not be long until we have it solved with Robocode 1.3 / RoboLeague, anyway, but it was easy enough to just do it.) Enjoy! -- Voidious

I was about to do Shadow's too. --Chase-san

Then I guess I should let you know I'm running Lukious and Ali right now, too. =) -- Voidious

Getting the DC bots out of the way? --Chase-san

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