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Where can you announce your interest in a membership? =) -- PEZ

Can we also enter by vote? :p If so I'll declare myself the first member with 100% of the existing membership votes (0)! *cackle* ;) -- Kuuran

Is that based on 0 out of 0 votes? Sounds like you would be the first member with NaN% of the existing membership votes. -- Kawigi

So many comments... so few members... go work on those bots! --David Alves

I'm working on a mini. Does it count if I should be able to push it past 2K in the minirumble? -- PEZ

I'll be snow surfing instead of WaveSurfing for the next 7 days. I expect this club to have at least one member by the time I return... :) -- ABC

That is really bad, i was to put my cash in ABC... -- Axe

I bet that 12 year Bushmill malt bottle that Jamougha promissed to me. Anyone agree? -- Axe

Agree to what? I think it might be tougher than expected to break that 2K barrier. Seeing both Paul and ABC do several attacks but failing short (if veeery close) of the top. How about the Irish himself? He sure made the fastest climb to the top in mini and micro that Robocode has yet seen. -- PEZ

I dunno... it seems shockingly hard to gain traction above about 1980. 0.24 showed improvements across my entire testbed equivalent to about 50 elo points and ended up at the same rating as 0.21, or a few points lower. And my time is not my own for the next week or so... I think Paul or rozu will get there first. But I will be trying. ;-) -- Jamougha

Maybe if more bots fill the void between 1900-2000 we will get that missing traction. I have also thought more than once that Shadow would make it there, but the performance increase never really translated to elo points. -- ABC

Looking at the LRP for the 3 top bots the problem appears to be the mid-range bots - for me several of these are mirror bots (I must get around to a anti-mirror gun!) but on the whole these bots are not susceptable to simple tricks and will all have reasonable movement (Any adapting gun (even an random gun) will probably do equally well against us). It is this block o bots that is keeping us below 2k. -- Paul

Cool. I'll start manufacturing a school of midrange bots then that only I know how to swiff off the battle field. =). Actually, I think a few of those "reasonable movement / sub-optimal gun" bots are mine already. -- PEZ

Well, I just found a small bug in my gun that makes me lose a lot points against NanoDeath, and should also have a small influence in melee. I believe a bot with Shadow's movement and DT/Raiko?'s gun would probably break the 2k barrier. I'm still a bit scared of touching my gun though, it's been a long time since I tweaked it. Anyway, see you all in about a week, I'm going snowboarding now :). L8r, ABC.

You could maybe test with Aristocles gun. It's not as good as Raiko's but still #2 in TC + TC-fast. If you unpack the latest Marshmallow you'll find a file there named AGun.java. Should be pretty straight-forward to plug in to Shadow. -- PEZ

It seems that i lost that Bushmill... -- Axe

DT's got 2000!!! (Not enough battles to officially qualify yet though) -- Tango

Back down into the 90s now... this is tense... can we get some more clients running?-- Tango

Congratulations Jamougha! Truly great work. I'll try joining you soon, keep that Irish whiskey bottle ready. :) -- ABC

I do think that bottle of whiskey is mine already. But you can have it as a gift if you too break the 2K barrier. =) -- PEZ

Thanks ABC - you were spot-on in your prediction. ;-) I still have yet to make the thing come close to beating Shadow though! -- Jamougha

You were even faster than I predicted, I had to return earlier than I had planned. If I took my score against RaikoMX as a reference, Shadow would have 2100+ points ;). You seem to have perfected your score against the mid-range bots better than anybody else, again, great work. -- ABC

Maybe you can't beat Shadow because Shadow is dodging your gun, and you're dodging your own gun, but Shadow isn't using your gun :-p -- Kawigi

Yep, probably the AMs are stronger against GF guns. Maybe itīs time for that new TargetingChallenge with AM bots... -- Axe

Look at TargetingChallenge2K4 for that. AM is not particularly strong against GF guns I think. That's not true for GlowBlowAPM at least. Anti GF AM is of course potentially strong against GF guns though. And that's what the top WaveSurfing bots are all doing. -- PEZ

Of course... Sorry, I was thinking about Anti GF AM (in particular WaveSurfing) when mentioned that... My own WaveSurfing is not yet a problem to good GF guns. Yet... (I hope that some day it will) -- Axe

It is too a problem to my GF guns at least. And they are quite good. =) Anyway I think you can wave surf when doing APM too. -- PEZ

Of course u are right again :) -- Axe

shadow sure looks like he's going be in it. 2016 w/ 200+ momentum. --andrew

Congrats ABC! :-) Thrashing those weaker bots really is where the points come from. -- Jamougha

Congrats ABC, fine job! -- Axe

Well done! :-D -- Tango

rz.Apollon 0.21 has reached 2003 points in Minirumble. Does this make him join the 2k-club??? --deathcon

Definatelly. The mini-2000 club. -- PEZ

Make a page for it if you like. This page is general only. --David Alves

I've made links for you at the top, so you can go straight to the edit page. :-) -- Tango

I propose to change the rules so that new entries are only accepted if they have fought at least 1000 battles (or maybe twice the number of participants). The new rules could start at the first of June if accepted. -- GrubbmGait

Yeah, I agree with that... the "500 battles" limit was when there were about 200 opponents, as far as I can tell, so 1000 would be closer to the original ratio. I've had my rating change by 2-3 points between 1000 and 1200 battles, too. -- Voidious

Agreed. -- Greywhind

Agreed. -- Alcatrz?

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