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People who have written a bot with a RoboRumble@Home rating of over 2100 points with at least 1,000 battles fought in the mini 1-v-1 category.

Name Flag Bot Date of admission Screenshot
1. Simonton WeeksOnEnd 1.10.2 February 4, 2007 [screenshot]

Just creating this page because I think it can be done =) Best rating for a Pugilist that I can find is 2.2c at 2076... Not 100% sure if that's the highest, though. According to Pugilist/LatestUpdates, that version has 50 bytes free, too! Edit: It has 55 bytes free at size 1444. -- Voidious

Oh, now you're being too modest. Though I don't have the screen shot to prove it, the version of Komarious that was in the rumble when I joined the Mini league was over 2100. -- Simonton

Yeah, but it hadn't faced everyone yet :-\ ... When I made that comment, Pugilist was still the king, as it was for a very long time. My best version in the MiniBot ranking is Komarious 1.712, which is about 2090. I do have about 20 bytes to play with in that version (if you subtract the colors), but it's mighty tough to find 10 points in 20 bytes! ;) -- Voidious

Yah, but we all know you'll do it in 3. ;) --Chase-san

You'd better hurry, Voidious. You may have about until until tomorrow morning before my latest release gets up to 1,000 battles :). -- Simonton

First off, it's unlikely I can do that, but maybe I'll try. =) Second - wow! Comparisons with 1.7 show that this one has a definite chance at 2100. I look forward to seeing where it ends up. -- Voidious

2102.16 at 552 battles, I think you might actually make it! --Chase-san

Onlly 40 opponents you haven't faced yet - I really think you got it. =) (*Knocks on some wood.*) Looking forward to finding out for sure. I really got no inspiration for Komarious right now, despite the free space, but I'll try to join you here sometime... -- Voidious

Uhhhhhh .... I don't know. That score is on the downswing right now. It's gonna be close. As soon as it makes it over the threshhold, I'll update my version history, then you can join me within a couple hours, Voidious :). -- Simonton

Ok, Voidious, the door is still open. My version history tells you exactly what you can do to pick up about 16 points, if WeeksOnEnd is any indication. The source is available in the repository, as well. -- Simonton

The obstacle to doing this in Komarious is I assume a bullet hit is the oldest wave - I don't have any code for finding the "closest" wave to whatever collision point. But I might be able to fit the necessary changes after the space you freed for me. :) I'm also a bit shy about using the Rules.* class, just because it's new and other bots like Pugilist never had access to it. But I may need that extra space if onBulletHitBullet? is indeed so useful. I'll do some tinkering soonish... -- Voidious

Think you can do it in the time it takes me to run 300 more battles (+ however many of the general rumble run in the mean time)? -- Simonton

Hehe - "could", maybe maybe, but almost surely "won't". =) Sorry not be better competition for this "race", but I just feel more like enjoying the weekend than slaving over Komarious right now. You can trust that I have definitely posted many many versions trying to improve on 1.712, though, as I'm sure you've already seen yourself. =) -- Voidious

Really really great job, man, congratulations! WeeksOnEnd has really raised the bar in the MiniBot class. I promise I'll try and give you some competition in the semi-near future. :-P I added a screenshot (and fixed the date). So, what's next for you now? TwinDuel maybe? General class 2100 club? -- Voidious

Thank you, thank you. It's hard to say what's next. I have an idea I think might improve my pattern matching, and it would definitely only be for the general rumble category. I also have a very small start to what I'm hoping would be a much faster implementation than using strings. However, I did recieve an offer from a guy to buy my laptop last night, which I now plan to sell him, so my time may be a bit limited. All along during this addiction I've thought I would be better off without it. I mean, maybe if I could control myself a bit more. You know, just spend some time on it every once in a while ... -- Simonton

Congratz, your really breaking the limits here, WeeksOnEnd already took the crown and now it breaks into the 2100/Mini club too. Way to go! WeeksOnEnd is really an amazing bot (if memory munchy). Watchout Voidious, Simonton already took the crowns for Nano, Micro and Mini, there is only a single OneOnOne division left to go. ;) --Chase-san

Due to the beauty of Ratings Drift, Komarious is now a proud member. If you're watching the wiki, Voidious, you might want to add it =) -- Skilgannon

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